- new: FCS Networker article creator template
- fix: PostUploader not advancing post times correctly
- new: content wizard. You force output to not have any spintax symbols in it
- new: You can no longer delete a running
- fix: BING scraper wasn't able to find content if you used Upper or mixed case domain names.
- fix: article downloader not downloading articles


- new: Content inserter supports new link options
- fix: Crash when content sources table missing column
- fix: GetTemplates unable to find default templates.
- new: rename some ui labels in ArticleCreator Form
- fix: null ref error with when trying to get link text in ArticleCreator
- fix: Fixed Copyscape crashes
- new: UTF8 output without BOM

- new: Link form icons

- new: remember cursor position after deleting post
- new: Duplicate post titles will have (xx) appended after them in blog manager.

- new: Custom link sentences + link code

- fix: Can no longer abort spins in progress
- fix: Images not inserting into blog posts
- fix: Article downloader correctly downloading BING search articles again.
- fix: Bing search results return content links only.
- fix: SCM blog editor not loading text properly
- new: article creator keyword limit raised to 1000
- new: You can abort auto-updates while it is downloading
- new: proxy enabled for Google searches

Please check

To see what other features have been completed


fix: small updates to content filtering engine
fix: article downloader not saving files
new: Can instantly abort out of spin tasks in article creator
fix: crash when changing over ribbon tabs
fix: 500 keywords in article creator
new: tooltips on Post Uploader form.
fix: bing translator crash
fix: article downloader won't save files with no content in them
new: filter content in URL content scraper using min-max words.
new: URL Content scraper has new UI updates.
new: can post to WP as page
fix: changing post time in post uploader will reset stored times
fix: select first template if HTML Article is missing
fix: File not found error in frmBlogManager btnSaveDraft_Click
new: Can save in T1C
new: Import Article randomly changes order of loaded files
fix: unable to upload to WP or Blogger

Un-Official Tutorial videos for SCM.

Not done personally by me.

Set of 8 videos covering

- How to use the Article Creator in SEO Content Machine
- How to use the Content Inserter in SEO Content Machine
- How to use the Tier 1 Creator in SEO Content Machine
- How to use the About Me Generator in SEO Content Machine
- How to use the Article Downloader in SEO Content Machine
- How to set up the Options in SEO Content Machine
- How to use the Content Combiner in SEO Content Machine
- How to use the Image Scraper in SEO Content Machine

  • Auto poster will submit unscheduled posts to Blogger + Wordpress

  • You can set this task to occur on a fixed schedule

  • Combine with Article creator to have your content built + uploaded automatically for as long as you want

  • Task remembers the last posted date for each blog and continues of from that date each time it is run


- Randomized image sizes when using article creator. Adds random up to 5px to the width.
- You can test FTP details in blogger edit and add screens.
- The Keyword Writer tool is case insensitive. It will look for and replace your token regardless of case.
- RSS auto spin will spin titles + content. This may double API call usage if your spinner service is by calls to API vs word usage.
- All "Article Create" tasks have had UI tweaked to look more standardized. Windows have also been resized for smaller screens.
- Article Builder connection error has been fixed
- Article Creator will skip about me, image or video scraping if it is not required. Significantly speeds up task.


- FIX Misc bugs with T1C not refreshing articles properly
- If you choose GSA SER in Content wizard, it will auto suggest link tokens if you add a link to article
- All WP blogs added via the bulk interface will have a generic content folder auto created
- You can now enter your own cat and spin tax into the bulk import combo boxes in addition to auto detecting content within html tags

- All custom titles will be auto title cap
- Misc tweaks to the bulk WP import process that should make it less error prone.

- All applicable tool windows can now be resized if you find them too small.


- Article creator reports content being used more accurately now.
- Article creator local folder now uses standard windows folder browser + remembers last used location.
- Warning: Article creator outputs all articles to the same folder. No more adding keyword to folder name
Using multiple keywords doesn't result in 100s of extra folders being created needlessly.

- SpinRewriter + WordAi will report amount of credits remaining at the start of all Article creator runs
- FIX Fullstops being removed from content
- Content Inserter - Missing settings panel restored
- NEW Introducing Content Wizard. Create content using 5 clicks. Most settings have been streamlined.
You can still tweak advanced settings later to your requirements. Streamlined interface!

- RSS Feeds - You can now customise the titles or using template code/spintax

- FIX Bunch of outofmemory error protection code implemented for those that process overly large files
- NEW ESpinner (spanish spinner) has been added!
- NEW T1C now has a next article button
- Blog browser now correctly expands rows that have been selected
- Article Importer can import posts to multiple blogs at once

- MISC UI tweaks. Most forms have glyphs in buttons, layouts cleaned up, etc
- MISC rare CTD have been patched

Please check to see what feature requests have been completed


- FIX enabled FTP box in bulk blogger load
- FIX enabled cat profiles in bulk blogger form
- FIX Misc. various CTD
- NEW Advanced Spinner settings + controls added

- NEW Article creator saves last used template, para var settings


- *NEW* Decoy intro feature enabled for local sources
- Tooltip for No-original setting in WorAi login box
- WordAi Spinner missing options added to Article downloader
- Uncheck all button added back to Article creator sources selector
- SpinRewriter timeout fix.
- WordAi spinner not correctly using safe settings fix.
- Internal code optimizations. (Code cleanup)
- *NEW* Bulk import your blogger blogs


There have been a lot of out of memory errors since the last update due to a slight change in the Google scraper.

This update contains lots of fixes to limit the chance of these errors occurring.

- You can use WordAi Turin or Regular independent of each other.
- The article creator uses a new "Safe" version of WordAi settings. Aggressive version 2 settings have been enabled everywhere else.
- Tooltips now appear quicker everywhere in the program. This contain important tips.
- Misc bug fixes causing CTD
- A bunch of out of memory error possible code locations have been reduced
- <b> of text when using the article downloading has been removed
- WordAi now allows no original setting in Options. Perfect for 100% unique content.
- All image alt tags limited to 1000 tags (1000 lines)

The creator of GSA SER Sven, has added direct support for SCM article creator files right inside GSA SER.

The original request was posted on the gsa-forums.

Thanks to the user Bellcross for making the request and for sven for the timely implementation!


- FIX you can now retrieve up to 1000 blogger blogs when adding them to SCM.
- FIX Crash when trying to load corrupt template
- UPDATE Increase spin rewriter limit. SCM will use less than 5 times credits it use to
- UPDATE Better BING translator error messages.
- NEW Google Translate

- FIX You can preview extremely large spintax articles without issues now
- FIX BING will return correct URLs if you're server is located remotely. BING would sometimes return translated pages.
- NEW Filter out short articles before using them in Article Creator

- UPDATE ContentRank algo has been tweaked to return even more relevant content. Less junk content now.

- FIX Article creator correctly finds and replaces keywords when inserting links
- UPDATE Content Inserter will no longer remove blank lines in articles
- MISC rare crashes have been rectified
- UPDATE Article Creator tooltips appear quicker. More of them also.. Expect more updates to tooltips across the program.
- UPDATE About me has been updated to access new servers. This is a critical update!
- UPDATE Article creator will remove all titles with 1 one in them


- Bulk translate and insert images/videos/links into your existing articles

- Update. You can properly abort when SCM is taking too long trying to download images + videos
- Update. More buttons get images now.
- Update. Better status msgs when using the article downloader.
- RSS feed form has more roll over tips
- Image hotlink on post import added

- Scraped titles will no longer be any longer than 15 words.

- Task ribbon menu has been cleared as items already exist on app menu

- New application task menu is the home for all add-ins and content tools. Hover on each item to get expanded tooltip explanation.


- BING Api changes. Tweak to the api calls so that it will result in less errors.
- Fixed image scraper code. SCM will retun 200+ images now instead of 130+
- Code optimizations
- New Image Scraper Add-In

- Fixed error that would cause SCM blog manager to freeze after using the "Spin" button in post editor
- Post Scheduler now shows posting status

- New option on importing posts. You can disable image downloading when importing posts. SCM will leave images alone so that you can have hot linked images. Good for those that need to import 100s of posts quickly.

- Misc bug fixes


- FIX "schedule" column missing error
- FIX TBS not returning any spins
- UPDATE Post scheduler will reset the time to the start date for each new blog it encounters.
- MISC updates to catch and remedy CTD with article creator


- UPDATE SCM will scrape more videos & images
- FIX path output errors when writing templates
- FIX Renewal box won't crash if IE not configured properly

- New APP Menu

- Tweaks to Content Tasks UI

- REMOVED Navbar items on left hand side have been removed. Use ribbon tabs at the top.
- REMOVED Options ribbon tab, now lives in App Menu
- ADDED Keyword suggest button to various places in Article Creator
- ADDED Google Vietnam + Thailand
- UPDATE Changes to the content rendering engine. SCM will create articles with less title/paragraph duplication.
- ADDED Article downloader - Min words per article
- ADDED - Custom titles box for Article creator
- ADDED - Quick add WP blog when selecting blog as output in Article creator
- ADDED color highlights to make app log easier to read
- UPDATE Keyword generation should be more relevant for Article creator
- FIX Quick fix for WordAI generation issues while we wait for WordAI to fix their API

- ADDED Ability to insert naked URLS without a keyword in Article creator


- GSA SER template updated to include new + tags. Report any errors.
- Keyword re-writer tool now supports folders
- Doc window now correctly detects changes and prompts for save changes correctly
- Fix some Magic Submitter template errors
- More tooltips!
- FIX Some tasks would crash if you tried to abort them!
- Translator throws error if input folder is missing
- FIX crash in content scraping engine
- FIX crash if you try and preview task results while scheduler was shutdown
- FIX crash if output path was missing and you try to preview results
- FIX article downloader crash if splashscreen was already showing when aborting


I will be going through the program and adding more tooltips on each feature so that you can find out exactly what it does.

See example

List Of Changes

- Article Downloader UI redone. You can now autospin content as well.
- Removed vestigial checkboxes when browsing for folders in Content Combiner Task
- FIX error where WP posts wouldn't upload properly if there was no image
- You can use your own images on your hard drive in the article creator.
- Simple counter with progress when scheduling multiple posts
- SCM remembers the last Spinner you used across all tasks and windows
- FIX for better support when reading non utf-8 files. Less character corruption.
- FIX Chinese character support when scraping articles using the article downloader.
- Replaced text editor with an enhanced version that ships with a much better Find/Replace function
- Other small UI fixes

BING Translator Support
- Signup here first - … rted1.aspx
- Fill out details here in "Edit 3rd party logins"
- New Translator Task

Translator is for translating existing articles from one language to the other. It has not been directly integrated into the Article Creator yet. Wanting some feedback from everyone on how they want it integrated into Article Creator...


Significant changes to the underlying codebase in this release. I have tried my best to test for errors but some might appear. Please report all bugs!


Patches are rolled out as many times a required during the week to fix bugs etc.

However I do a combined patch notes releases only once weekly. These patch notes are cumulative.

Most patches are mini fixes. Not much to write about by itself. Instead I find it easier to just roll all changelogs into 1 weekly update.

Changelog in program? … in-program

List Of Changes

* FIX CTD when update timer was unable to connect to server
* REMOVE Scheduler pause/start button
* ADD Spinner test phase during article creator startup with better error warnings
* FIX Copyscape connection error when launched via document window
* UPDATE Removed enable/disable checkbox in SCM templates to make it easier to use
* ADD Ability to use up/down key to scroll articles in dir view box via doc window
* FIX Importing articles into Rss/Folders will preserve the line breaks. Plain text articles will import with properly with line breaks too.
* REMOVE Blank spaces between html code for img tags
* ADD WP Featured image support. SCM will tag the first image in a post as the featured image.
* FIX For occasional CTD when SCM unable to process certain html pages
* FIX Spinner would crash when trying to spin HTML pages using WordAI
* UPDATE Max article count is increased to 9999
* FIX No more corrupted SpinChimp characters

List of changes
* ADDED Process all keywords in Article creator all at once, or once per run.

* FIX ctd when unable to connect to copyscape
* FIX out of memory errors when using content combiner
* FIX copyscape tool tip stays visible for longer
* Double click on any feed in the browser window to open the edit box
* Blank feeds are now called folders in the program. To import articles please use the drop down menu command. Import under Add New Post. Redundant menu items also removed.

* REMOVED Uniquefy function from SCM. It creates more problems than it solved for all users and its function was dubious.
* RENAMED Article creator video settings so its more obvious what they do

* FIX visual indication of highlighted selected keyword in keyword researcher


  • You can filter your snippets by clicking on the column header and right clicking on it to display the filter menu

  • Click on the auto generate button to create an article using the visible snippets

  • Any filtered snippets are not deleted, just hidden. When hidden they will not be used by the article generator

  • Most of these snippets make excellent blog comments, forum posts etc.

  • You can copy the highlighted snippets to your clipboard by hitting ctrl-c (for copy)