Topic: SCM Crashing When Spinning Article with WordAI

This has happened at least three times in the the last two days.

SCM will download all the content it needs and start spinning with WordAI. Before it finishes its WordAI spin, the program becomes unresponsive. Eventually I need to kill it with the task manager.

I'm running SCM version This is a new problem. Perhaps it is due to the update.

Apart from being inconvenient, this problem is gobbling up all of my WordAI spin credits.


Re: SCM Crashing When Spinning Article with WordAI

Hi Drizzle,

Has the program UI actually become unresponsive or is it just stuck on spinning...

The wordAi API is super slow.

The article creator maybe trying to spin too many words with the WordAi api causing things to slowdown.

Can you upload a copy of the app log when the error seems to be happening.

* I need as much info to replicate the problem.



Re: SCM Crashing When Spinning Article with WordAI

The program becomes totally unresponsive. For example, it stopped working yesterday while spinning. I left it overnight just to see if it might figure it out and finish, but no luck.

It is frozen bad enough that the program won't restore from the Window's task bar.

I can't get the log from the program as it's completely unresponsive. I can't even do a screen grab of the log because the program won't restore out of the taskbar.

It has been the same on previous crashes.

The projects I've been spinning have 6 paragraphs with 30 variations and one article. This creates 180 paragraphs to spin. Is this just too many? I did 10 projects like this last month with no fails.

I look through c:\users\me\appdata\local\seocontentmachine3 for a record of the log but couldn't find one.


Re: SCM Crashing When Spinning Article with WordAI

I'm still waiting to hear back on this.
I'm aware that the WordAI api is super slow. Has it gotten slower? Because these exact same project settings used to work without failure.

I'm available to provide you with any information you need. Please let me know. As I stated in my last reply, I can't see a way to get a log file once the program freezes up. If there is a way please let me know.

If this is a problem with WordAI's api, do I need to do smaller projects?
Can you conceive of a workaround?
Would it be possible to put a longer time out in SCM?

Thanks for answering back promptly as I have some important client projects on hold.


Re: SCM Crashing When Spinning Article with WordAI

I'm still waiting for some help with this...

I'm excited about the new version of SCM, but this needs resolution now.
As I stated above, I'm getting repeated fails that are killing my WordAI credits. I could just keep trying and waste 3/4 of my credits when SCM FAILS MORE OFTEN THAN NOT or I could higher a content writer.

Please help!!


Re: SCM Crashing When Spinning Article with WordAI

Sorry for late reply.

Please email me directly for faster response.

info [at] seocontentmachine.com

Do you get any crashing if you don't use wordAi?

For example you use "Soft spin"

I think its 99% WordAi error.

If WordAi is dying, the other suggestion is to break down the tasks down.

How many articles are you trying to create at once?

(Send me a screenshot of article settings tab).