Topic: How may I automate the TIER1 creation?

TIER1 articles does not get images, videos etc. Also I need to spin several times to reach over the 70% uniqueness. How may I automate at the most this process?

Thanks in advance


Re: How may I automate the TIER1 creation?

Use the article creator if you want those processes.

Also use the junk word list, just like you would do in the T1C module to remove unwanted words.

Image/Video inserts are done in the article document form not the t1c screen.

T1C is assuming the text is plain text. Which is why there are no HTML commands in it.

As for the uniqueness, which spinner are you using? If you spin the entire article it should be more than 60% once of.

Also, Copyscape is strange in that it reports NEW duplicates as you change the article. Even though the duplicates should have been detected originally.

That is to say, I would take Copyscape results with a grain of salt.