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How WordAi is working inside SCM?

When I choose WordAI as a spinner in SCM for articles and then check copyscape I have many duplicates, but when I first do generate articles without spinning and then manualy spin generated articles with wordai I dont get any duplicates.
I am using WordAi turing with I think the same settings - super spun (without original kwds) and readable mode.

I think SCM start spinning before generating articles, right? Would it be better to generate article and then spin with wordai - for me this works best?


Re: WordAI

Can you check the app log while article creator is running.

Most likely the wordAi spins are failing.

Manually spinning will work, as it sends a few requests to wordAi, compared to sending a large volume of data via article creator.

In newest versions of SCM, if wordAi spin fails, the article creator will still continue.

This means un spun content is being used and lowering the uniqueness of the content.


Re: WordAI

I made a test and generate 2 articles, wordai turing - readable mode with removing original words. Copyscape shows me even 40% that my text is similar to others...
There is nothing in the log.

Then I generate again 2 articles but now without spinning and put generated articles directly to wordai and now copyscape shows me that my articles are 100% unique...

But I think problem is also/or with WordAI API, because when I am using their bulk tool it also shows not very unique article (with the same settings), but when I do the same article manually its almost everytime 100% unique - can you check this?


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Will check.

Can you send me your wordai login details to me info@seocontentmachine.com

I can debug the code to make sure its working.


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Sorry, cant send - my subscription plan just ended.