- fix: Article creator was creating articles with extremely low word counts. This update makes paragraphs beefier, in some instances doubling the word count form 50 per paragraph to 100 per paragraph.
- new: Added support for Greek language.
- new: Updated the tooltip text for article textbox.
- fix: Content cache word count column was not sorting value as a number.
- fix: Allowable content sizes in article creator changed to 25 - 150 words to allow more content diversity.
- new: Export snippets to a file on your hard drive.
- fix: Keyword researcher tool would not correctly auto detect vietnamese.
- fix: Possible error when saving custom sources back to settings file.
- new: Count how many sources are selected in custom site selector.
- new: Made custom site selection toolbar neater by removing some commands into the right click menu.
- new: Made it more obvious that Google SE and Custom site settings are different in the article creator source tab.