Introduction to PBNs

Get up to speed on what PBNs are and how they can help you.

Domain Authority

So, if you will talk about DA, they generally refer to Domain Authority. And what this means is it’s a metric used by Moz, serving those Moz, like, SEOMOZ, performance ____. And they have a tool called Open Site Explorer and it basically looks at the back links of a website and shows you how good is search where the back links are.  And they have a metric, I mean the ___ any have, that decides how authoritative the domain is. So, this metric, DA just measures the authority of the whole domain.

Page Authority

And we’ll go on to the next one, PA which is most against the other metrics, and this measures the authority of a single page. So I’m going to have stats to look at later, but these are, that’s what this means. So you see these that goes DA and PA, like what the heck is that? Domain Authority and  Page Authority.

Trust Flow

Another one you gonna have to look out for, which is pretty more common now than DA and PA - is TF and CF. So, TF stands for Trust Flow and this is a metric. So majestic.scr now just majestic. They have a metric Trust Flow and it measures the trust and the authority and ____ of the website as well. This is a technical way of understanding as possible, because we don’t need to understand the technicalities as far as exactly how it works. As long as you know what numbers to look for.

Citation Flow

And the next one is Citation Flow. It’s really mostly about the power. So you can really have high Citation Flow, and a really low Trust Flow, which means the bad domain has power bad, probably really bad, and links are really thrust there, to it. And Citation Flow again is about the power of it and is against the majestic metric.

Referring Domain

Another one you’ll see a lot is RD. What it stands for is Referring Domain. What it means is the number of different sites that link to you the site that you check in. So if I link 500 in one post, that counts as 5 backlinks, but that only counts as 1 referring domain. Referring Domain is a good metric to look at because it allows you to see how many links come from different website bases. Yet, if 500 links open in the same website, it is a no good domain. I mean perceiving is no other good links from another website. So, this is an important metric and this isn’t owned by one particular company. This is the standard metric that every SEO looks as the number of domains going through a domain.