What is article spinning?

Save time, learn how you can automatically re-write articles using Spinners.

Spinning articles (ie re-writing them) is an important tool in any IM'ers toolbox.

When writing articles for link building it is important that you submit unique variations of your articles in order to give them the best chance of having the content cached and appear in search results.

The method to of turning that 1 article into endless variations is to use "article spinning"

You employ software that can do this re-writing for you automatically.

What is spinning?

Spinning an article means, creating multiple versions of the SAME article which (when spun) should appear as unique as possible to search engines.

Unique is important

It is one of the ways to ensure your content gets indexed and ranked and is an important part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

An article spinning tool, article spinner or an article spinning software transforms one copy of an article into various new variations of that article.

It is possible to spin an article so that it creates three, ten or hundreds of variations on that one original article.

Those practicing this method hope to have readable, unique and good articles. These articles can be posted to different sites to gain traffic by way of link building and direct promotion of products or services.

Is it black hat or white hat?

In our opinion, black hat techniques tend to generate random junk articles while white hat is producing articles which are really valuable and distinct.

In between is gray hat spinning, which is the production of multiple versions of the article, but does not fall either to black or white hat since the articles are decent (not black hat) but not distinctly valuable (not white).

Gray hat articles do not give the reader more information than the original version.

Why do we spin articles?

There is a great need for spinning articles since search engines will not tend to index and cache duplicate content. Duplicate content tends to be hidden in the search results.

In the online world, when an article page gains a top ranking in the Search engines, and the same content is found on another Web page it does not look good when search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo would put that second Web page in the second position in searches.

When more identical copies of the article are uploaded to another Web page, the Search results would end up displaying the same article in every position of the search result.

Search engines work in a way that when they see an identical article on another wesite, they will tend to hide duplicate content or ignore it altogether.

Importantly, search engines may also penalize websites with duplicate content by pushing their rankings down.

As a result penalized website will appear to be non-existent as they will not be shown in the search results anymore, something any Internet Marketer would absolutely not want.

This is why article spinning is very important.

Remember: To build traffic you need content. Articles are the perfect medium to feed the content-loving search engines.