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Reduce time spent creating SEO content.

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1. Paste Your keywords

Just paste in your keywords!

There is no keyword limit.

SCM will even resume from the last failed keyword if your PC goes offline while its working.

2. Turn on the ai writer

Access the power of massive deep learning AI models like ChatGPT & GPT3 to generate content.

Combine article prompts with scraped content to generate dynamic AI prompts based on Google search data.

Ever wanted to create brand new AI articles using scraped titles from a Google search? Now you can!

SCM comes preloaded with a default template to get you going.

3. lets go!

Just hit Run!

You don't need much to get SCM running and creating content.

SCM is easy to get going, but deep as you need it to be when explored. 

Need to insert links? Google People Also Ask? Images? etc. its all there when you need it.

SEO Content Machine helps 

Content Creators

create more content with an ever growing toolbox of automated tools

Automated Wordpress posting

The WP poster can handle 100s of articles distributed to 100s of your own blogs.

Save time by doing all your content uploads from one central program.

Find lost content on

Download lost articles from de-listed websites using the wayback scraper.

Content is saved on your hard drive.

Scrape Google
People Also Ask

Find questions and answers for popular keyword searches automatically.

PAA content can be re-used in your articles to provide highly user valuable content.

Generate WP XML files

Create large XML files that you can later on use to import posts into your WP blogs.

Scrape any site for content

Use a fully featured web scraping tool that opens pages in a real live browser to scrape the content you want.

Scrape Google news

You can download news articles and filter them by word length.

Target Multiple Languages

Chat AI supports multiple languages.

The AI paraphraser is English only, but supports free automated translation between languages.

Scrape Youtube Subtitles

Find new content streams by downloading subtitles from Youtube videos.

Crawl a site to find links

A web crawler tool is provided so you can quickly find all articles on a website.

Scrape Google Maps

Scrape Google maps for business information all saved in a CSV file.

It even finds reviews and comments for you.

Scrape Images/Videos

Easily get access to images and videos related to your keyword.

You can even choose to scrape only free image sources.

Paraphrase Text

The AI paraphraser will rewrite any content into 5 new variations.

The AI is even clever enough to fix grammatical errors along the way.

Ready to level up your SEO workflow?

All the content tools in one box. 

Scrape, re-write, post and automate AI all in one.

No credit card required

Free AI

no demo limitations

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you’re not happy with SEO Content Machine for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via email) and we’ll happily refund your money

There is even a no obligation Free Trial so you can see if SEO Content Machine is right for you. Without spending a single cent.

Goce Ristov

I've discovered SEO Content Machine ever since the first version came out. I've noticed the talent of the coders behind it immediately. I already had other similar software, but I could sense this is something special. 

I gave it a shot, invested a lot of my time to learn and suggest new features and it turned out a beautiful software.

Usability was so-so, but the functionalities were out of this world. I could produce just about any type of article in bulk that I wanted. So many things to tweak.

Now with the new version NEXT, usability has been improved to the max.

The software is so easy to use and new features don't stop coming up. I've made quite a fortune using this software in the past, and I believe NEXT will continue to help me in my daily tasks.

Sebastien Vaquier

I have been using SEO Content Machine since 2016 and I'm very happy with it. I use it regularly to create content on my network of sites and to feed my GSA campaigns.

SCM has quickly become one of my favorite software: as soon as I need to create content, I use SCM.

As an SEO consultant, I need to create a lot of content. Paying web copywriters is too much of a cost. SCM is for me the most cost effective solution to create mass content to date.

I particularly appreciate the frequency of updates, and the reactivity of the support. It's one of the best software on the market in my opinion.

Very easy to use too, a must have!

Thanks to the SCM team for continuing to develop this software to help SEO.

Devin Schumacher

I have a spreadsheet of over 500 SEO tools that I have personally tested & tried over the last 4 years in the industry, running campaigns for over 200+ clients, and I am proud to say that SEO Content Machine is one of the tools that has risen to the top of my list.

A great tool, backed by a great team, and I highly recommend it for any SEO professional, or website owner, who wants to get a competitive edge on outranking their competitors

A huge part of our SEO strategy is content. In fact, content is one of the top 3 ways we have been able to achieve 50-100% traffic increases for our clients in less than 90 days.

If you're looking to boost your traffic quickly, you need content - and if you need content fast there is no better place to look than the SEO Content Machine. Improve your processes, improve your output, and improve your traffic. Highly Recommended!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many computers can I install this on?

Install on any computer as many times as you need.

There are no installation limits.
However, simultaneous logins are not supported.

You can only be logged in once on any install. We have volume licenses with up to a 50% discount.

What link building programs are supported?

SEO Content Machine has customizable templates  that create content for the following programs automatically:


Ranker X


SEO Autopilot


... lots more

What re-writers are supported?

SEO Content Machine supports a large list of both English and other language spinners:

Soft Spin (free)

 Chimp Rewriter

Spinner Chief Paraphraser

 Spin Rewriter
Word Ai
The Best Spinner

... lots more

What translators are available?

SEO Content Machine integrates with many paid and free translators:

Libre (free)

 Google (free)