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Perpetual – Unlimited access to the last updated version of SCM. Paid updates are $80 a year.

Well I have been a lurker for quite a number of years on BHW and never really commented on anything...

Took a trial of this the other day and was SO impressed with how easy and efficient this is too use and the fact that it actually pulls in content and spins it, loads of options to use other pieces of software i have with this.

Well it was a *no brainier* that went ahead and bought the lifetime version today This is above all the '*best*' piece of software I have used in a long time and in my opinion certainly beats the pants off Kontent Machine. highly recommended 😎

- Baronn, @ BlackHatWorld

This is the best scraping software that exists on the planet..

With custom search engine features you can manually add and scrape websites that a few people will probably know and take advantage of the articles for the 1st time.

Also the frequent updates to the software makes it on of the few..

5/5 stars...

- Thomas K, via Email
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I do not use SEO Content Machine as a content generator. No, it's more than that. I use it to come up with ideas for content, heavily editing what comes out. The result is a 100% unique SEO-friendly article that's helpful to my readers.

Quinn Cash ,

SEO Content Machine absolutely rocks! There is not an easier way to produce quality spun content with minimal effort being involved. I highly recommend it for the SEOer's who are looking to save time and produce more.


I just purchased the lifetime license for SCM. I just wanted to tell you that I trialed SCM, Kontent Machine 3.0, and Auto Content Rewriter extensively over the past week or so and I came away most impressed by SCM,hence my purchase.

KM has a fantastic interface and ACR is very cheap, but IMO what really sets SCM apart from the other two is the ability to use Google as a content supply and also the ability to add your own sites. The fact that I can keep my content super-tightly focused and relevant no matter the niche sold me.

I also chose SCM due to your customer service. Based on my trial usage and what I've read about other people's experiences with SCM, you are very active in keeping up with updates and trying to add features that customers want. That kind of service is invaluable, especially when we are talking about a lifetime license.

- Mark Stockdale