A Simple, 

Yet Feature Packed

Content Toolbox

Works in any language and for all your keywords.

Generate content for link building, money blogs, PBNs etc in minutes!

Available for MAC, PC & LINUX

The first cross-platform, multi-language content toolbox
that allows anyone, regardless of skill to create

SEO Content In Minutes...

Here's why SEO Content Machine NEXT is better.

Multi Language

SCM was the first multi language content creator that didn't lock you into predefined 'sources'.

With NEXT we refined and improved the content downloading and filtering process to to find even more pages in more languages with less junk/spam content.

Cross Platform

Runs natively on Windows, Mac OS & Linux.

Without emulation software, without installation and without any hassle.

You get the same experience on all platforms.

Streamlined UI Built For Speed

We found a way to do more, with an easier to use UI. How? By using standard UI elements that appear on 1000's of websites.

Advanced features are hidden if you don't need them.

Post to PBNs

Draft & post to WordPress/Blogger or any site that supports post by email.

Schedule drip feed content and keep your blog network fresh indefinitely.

Content For All Link Building

Make the most of your link building programs. Generate keyword targeted articles for unlimited content submissions.

Supports popular programs directly such as GSA SER, Senuke & Ultimate Demon.

Super Content Inserts

Don't just create boring text heavy articles.

Insert images, videos, sub headings, list, questions & answers, tweets and more... 

SCM will do the hard work of querying and finding the right content for your articles.

Here's just a small sample of what

you'll be able to do with

SEO Content Machine NEXT...

Article Creator

For when you need 1000s of articles

The heavy lifter. Will process files with 1000s of keywords, with smart resume on failure.

Multi-threaded (you choose the number of threads).

Auto insert images, videos, links, subheadings, lists, questions & answers... In fact anything you want via the custom content panel.

Writing Assistant
For crafting keyword rich articles on your money sites

Finds 100s of topic relevant sentences for your next article.

Easy pick and choose sentence list to kick start your article.

Filter sentences by auto generated list of recommended keywords.

Article Downloader

For when you need access to 100s of pages of existing content online

Process a list of URLs and use CSS to extract exactly the right content you need.

Supports automatic content re-writing.

Supports use of content translation.

Search & News Tool

Download articles straight to your hard drive

Query Google to find the top 300 ranking pages and only download articles that fit a min word length.

You have full control of output with templates.

Find either news or search content.

Image/Video Finder

When you need to find topic relevant media

Download images/videos for your keyword.

Image downloader provides thumbnails and image size information so you can quickly and easily select the ones you need.

Effortlessly switch sources to find copyfree images too!

URL Finder
Grab a ready to process list of URLs 

Grab a bunch of URLs from Google quickly.

Filter out unwanted urls with immediate visual feedback.

Wordpress Poster

Schedule all your blog posts in one place

Upload a folder of articles to multiple Wordpress blogs at once.

Fully randomized posting schedule for drip feed content.

Archive.org Downloader

For uncovering hidden content lost to time

Query the archive.org (waybackmachine) and get a list of articles from expired domains.

Download site content, remove html and save it your hard drive.

Great for restoring content from your old lost sites.

Spin & Translate

Rewrite and translate in bulk

Re-use your existing content!

This bulk tool will re-write and translate all the articles it can find in a given folder.

Translate any content up to 3 times, then apply a rewriter of your choice.

Profile Creator
For generating 100s of unique about me profiles

When you need a simple about me generator that you can use across your SEO properties.

Quick and easy, you can even add your own keywords you want to appear.

Generates a very detailed spintax ready profile.

Content Filter

Remove & Replace unwanted content

You have full control of the content you find.

Remove unwanted words, keep required keywords or replace words with another word (even supports regex).

All wrapped in a live preview window so that you can inspect your changes in real time.

Plus an ever expanding list of tools...

  • AI Paraphraser
    Get access to amazing AI powered paraphraser at a fraction of the cost other sites charge!
  • Dynamic Page Scraper
    Download content from Javascript enabled sites.
  • RSS Scraper
    Download content from RSS/ATOM feeds.
  • Email Poster
    Send article emails to remote posting enabled sites such as Blogger.
  • Combine Keywords
    Combine a set of 3 keyword groups to create new keyword permutations.
  • CSV Template Merger
    Insert CSV content into a master template file, for quickly filling out product description pages etc.
  • Youtube Subtitle Downloader
    Download Youtube subtitles and format them into an article.
Post Uploader

[Your Feature]

Need something extra?

Contact us any time to request a feature you need. In fact most of the features in NEXT have been suggested by our users.

We are a small and agile team. There is no red tape and no need to get approval from the "higher ups".

You can email us now and we can build the next great feature to integrate SCM into your workflow.

Matthew Woodward

I have tried many so called popular software to create content for my projects (tier 1, tier 2) and I must tell you that this software is a one stop solution for all my content needs.

I really want to congratulate the SCM team for creating such a wonderful program. I hope the dev team will continue to add new features to the program!

Devin Schumacher

I have a spreadsheet of over 500 SEO tools that I have personally tested & tried over the last 4 years in the industry, running campaigns for over 200+ clients, and I am proud to say that SEO Content Machine is one of the tools that has risen to the top of my list.

A great tool, backed by a great team, and I highly recommend it for any SEO professional, or website owner, who wants to get a competitive edge on outranking their competitors

A huge part of our SEO strategy is content. In fact, content is one of the top 3 ways we have been able to achieve 50-100% traffic increases for our clients in less than 90 days. If you're looking to boost your traffic quickly, you need content - and if you need content fast there is no better place to look than the SEO Content Machine. Improve your processes, improve your output, and improve your traffic. Highly Recommended!!

Himanshu Agarwal

I have tried many so called popular software to create content for my projects (tier 1, tier 2) and I must tell you that this software is a one stop solution for all my content needs.

I really want to congratulate the SCM team for creating such a wonderful program. I hope the dev team will continue to add new features to the program!

Rick Hobbs

Does what it says, lots of relevant content, easy to use.  I use it to promote my business website, my GMB, with quality content, and quantity for GSA, and  SEnuke, which I use as well. Great for DIY or marketers. Rick Hobbs owner Anaheim Signs.

Sebastien Vaquier

I have been using SEO Content Machine since 2016 and I'm very happy with it. I use it regularly to create content on my network of sites and to feed my GSA campaigns.

SCM has quickly become one of my favorite software: as soon as I need to create content, I use SCM.
As an SEO consultant, I need to create a lot of content. Paying web copywriters is too much of a cost. SCM is for me the most cost effective solution to create mass content to date. I particularly appreciate the frequency of updates, and the reactivity of the support. It's one of the best software on the market in my opinion. Very easy to use too, a must have!

 Thanks to the SCM team for continuing to develop this software to help SEO.

Kazi Jakaria

SCM is the best content machine software in the world. I used various Content Machine software. But its future really nice compare to other. Each and every idea in the software exceptional. Its also nice for GSA content creation.Based on My 20 years Various software utilization experienced SCM Best and Recommended .

Goce Ristov

I've discovered SEO Content Machine ever since the first version came out. I've noticed the talent of the coders behind it immediately. I already had other similar software, but I could sense this is something special. I gave it a shot, invested a lot of my time to learn and suggest new features and it turned out a beautiful software. Usability was so-so, but the functionalities were out of this world. I could produce just about any type of article in bulk that I wanted. So many things to tweak.

Now with the new version NEXT, usability has been improved to the max. The software is so easy to use and new features don't stop coming up. I've made quite a fortune using this software in the past, and I believe NEXT will continue to help me in my daily tasks.

Need unique content?

All Your Tools...

Auto Writer Support

SCM supports all the popular re-writing tools out there. Such as WordAi, SpinRewriter, ChimpRewriter etc.

If you don't have a spinner, no worries... SCM comes bundled with its own English "Soft Spin" dictionary.

Auto Translator Support

Translate content to any language.

Supports the BIG 4:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yandex
  4. Deepl

Regex Find Replace

Roll your own re-writes using powerful regex snippets to find and replace words in your articles.

SCM ships with its own live preview tool so that you can experiment with your replacements in real time.


SEO Content Machine is my go to article creator software. It has all the nuts and bolts you need to create quality content not just for your SEO campaign but even for your money site.

Thong Tran

SEO Content Machine has helped me a lot in writing content for my website, article for satellite website as well as articles used to create backlink for my website.

SEO Content Machine is easy to learn and easy to use, the combination of article content, urls, anchor text has never been this easy. Thank you SEO Content Machine very much!

Quinn Cash

I do not use SEO Content Machine as a content generator. No, it's more than that. I use it to come up with ideas for content, heavily editing what comes out. The result is a 100% unique SEO-friendly article that's helpful to my readers.

Patricio Coronel

Seo Content Machine makes content generation as simple as possible with its intuitive interface and first-class support. With its new improvements I would dare to say that it is the best content generator on the market.

Damon Matt

My favorite content creation tool with an unbeatable price, top-notch support, and awesome updates. While other tools charge 10x more and provide less I'm very impressed by the features of this tool. This tool is perfect for optimizing and creating unlimited content on autopilot.

Meet the Article Creator Content Inserts

Automatically include more 15+ content elements to improve the quality of your articles.

Sub Headings
Insert a list of subheadings that you can customize to appear as h2,h3 etc. 
Embed instragram posts directly into your articles
Google Maps
Embed a Google Map of any location. Great for local SEO.
Local Business Info
Include meta data about your business in articles.
Embed any JS script eg tracking codes as you need. Will escape code for you so its spintax safe!
Embed the newest tweets into your article to make it news relevant.
Insert either a numbered or bullet point list of content .
Insert relevant news items from Google to improve your article relevancy.
Google Directions
Insert a GPS map to your business in all articles your create.
Product Info
Include meta data about any product into articles automatically.
Embed relevant videos or even ones from your own YouTube channel.
Questions  & Answers
Add keyword relevant questions & answers from Google into your article.
Embed RSS items  from any feed. 
Insert name, address and place SEO data into articles automatically. 
Page Redirect
Include a bit of clever code to redirect visitors to another page after a certain date.
Insert any arbitrary HTML code you want. This can be iframes etc.
Add keyword relevant images, that can appear in any position in your article.

Always Find Content

Struggling to find content for your niche keyword?

SCM is clever enough to auto-detect content on any site, blog, news or article directory that is ranking on Google.

Never deal with the dreaded “Not Enough Content” message again.


Rebuilt for Reliability


Once you own SEO Content Machine, you get access to continual weekly software updates with brand new features and bug fixes.

As you can see below SCM is getting continuously updated with bigger & better features. If you have a features request email us anytime!

Unlike other programs that rarely update their software, you get weekly if not daily updates to the program with something new and cool to keep you ahead of the SEO game. 

Chain tasks feature added

Now you can chain tasks in SCM. That is, once a task completes it will automatically start another task inside SCM. For example: Inside the

November 2021 Changelog

========= November 30 2021 ========= fix: Allow search engines to continue loading forever, allow abort button to stop this processing.feat: Add test bing button to

+3 new dark ui themes for SCM

You can now switch between 4 themes, 3 of which are darker UI. To change the UI theme go to settings > app theme. Click

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you’re not happy with SEO Content Machine for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via email) and we’ll happily refund your money

There is even a no obligation Free Trial so you can see if SEO Content Machine is right for you. Without spending a single cent.

Pawel Sokolowski

SCM for years is a must-have tool for every SEO specialist who would like to produce and publish content. SEO Content Machine helps marketers with providing content for any kind of SEO activity where automated articles are saving hours of work, every day. If you would like to generate content faster on a massive scale, this tool has all that you will ever need. Highly recommended for agencies, PBN owners and any kind of SEO related personality who would like to get content faster online, or on mass scale.

Devender Garg

SCM-Next is a must-have if you are building links on automation. You just can’t beat the premade templates, Q&A, Heading, Bullets, Media, Links, Tweets, Iframe embed, and much more done for you in 5 minutes.

Excellent for injecting content into SEOAutopilot campaigns, or using in any of hundreds of other SEO applications.


I want to say thank you for your excellent tool. I use it for content creation for my SEO backlink business since around 3-5 years ago until now.

SCM is my first option to get contents for my client's backlinks..and it delivers with excellent results.This is my honest review for SCM !! Thank you very much.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many computers can I install this on?

Install on any computer as many times as you need. There are no installation limits.
However, simultaneous logins are not supported. You can only be logged in once on any install. We have volume licenses with up to a 50% discount.

Does SEO Content Machine support link building programs?

SEO Content Machine has customizable templates
that create content for the following programs automatically:


Ranker X


SEO Autopilot


... lots more

What re-writers are supported?

SEO Content Machine supports a large list of both
English and other language spinners:

Soft Spin (inlcuded free)

 Chimp Rewriter

Spinner Chief

 Spin Rewriter
Spinner Br

 Sistema Br
Word Ai
The French Article Spinner
The Best Spinner

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