Introduction to PBNs

Get up to speed on what PBNs are and how they can help you.

What is a PBN?

A PBN (Private blog network) is network of sites that you own and use to link to a money site (target website) so that you can rank it higher in the Search Engines.

Although you can build many types of links to your money site to help it rank, PBNs are the most powerful.

In a PBN setup your money site is supported by links from a group of sites pointing links to it.

The more links we have pointing from our PBNs to our money site, the higher it is going to rank.

What makes PBNs very powerful is the diversity of sites that have links pointing to the money site. Diversity meaning individual sites with their own IP, domain age etc.

As you don't link together the sites in your PBN; to Google it looks like independently owned websites on different hosting environments just happen to link to your money site.

Behind the scenes however all the sites in your PBN are owned by you, privately... hence, Private Blog Network.

NB: Onpage optimization is important! If your page doesn't even contain the right keywords it won't rank for it no matter how many PBNs you got pointing to the article.

Why do you need a private blog network?

A PBN is one of the quickest ways to build authority on a niche. You can then choose when and where to pass that authority on to a money site.

Passing this authority over a period of time to your money site will push its rankings in Google up to the first page.

Avoiding footprints is key

A footprint is anything thing on a site that can indicate individual sites are owned by the same individual.

This is bad because Google will see multiple sites as owned by the same person trying to game its ranking algorithm.

Needless to say this is against the rules and can get your PBN sites de-listed and money site removed from the search results!

The success of your PBN is how well you can hide and mask this shared ownership and its actually very simple. Eg: Using different hosting providers.

What to avoid when starting a PBN?

  1. Don’t link every PBN site to your money site. 
  2. Don’t link directly to your money site.
  3. Don’t do the same thing over and over again every time you’re linking.

Each blog on your network provides you with value. It needs to be managed in a very specific and careful way.

How many sites do you need?

It depends on how many money sites you’re working with. 

Each one of these sites can cost you anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on: 

  1. What you want to spend on domain authority 
  2. How much that number one ranking is worth to you