Creating links for your links

Learn how to create supporting links to your Tier 1 properties.

To encourage Search Engines to cache and rank your Tier 1 properties you need to build links to them as well.

Typically its a matter of quantity over quality.

If any of your Tier 1 properties get hit with any form of ranking penalty, you just remove any links from that Tier 1 pointing back to your money site.

The buffer keeps your money sites safe from SEO penalties (if they happen)

Automated content generation

The article creator tool will automatically build relevant or unique articles for your tier 2 sites.

All articles created using the article creator tool is not acceptable for tier 1 or money sites.

Automated Content Creation Steps:

  1. Input article keywords
  2. Specify article settings (e.g. Paragraph count , variation size & article count)
  3. Select a word spinner
  4. Insert links, images or videos into articles
  5. Set a schedule if you want tasks to run themselves automatically.

Content will be saved to txt files on your hard drive.

You will import these txt files into your link building programs.

SCM can help you publish articles and other files to your blogs.

  • Add blog accounts, such as Word Press or Blogger
  • In the file names, insert title and categories like finance, business and others
  • Indicate schedule for the uploader
  • The content can then be posted to platforms, based on specified schedule.

Supported softwares and tools

Recommended tools with SEO Content Machine:

Word Spinner

WordAi or X-Spinner or The Best Spinner

Link building software

GSA SER or FCS Networker or Ultimate Demon

How to use the Article Creator

Article Settings

Write a descriptive name

Input keyword or keywords (each keyword on its own line)

Choose length and variability of the article

  • Quality "unique" to make your content more indexable
  • 4- 5 paragraphs is fine for a normal article of ~500 words
  • Paragraph variations to 1.
  • Article count to "Max". SCM will create maximum number of unique articles.

Choose output type

  • Output to folder (with spintax) to import to link building program

You can run a task now, or schedule it for later


Article Sources

The program can find content from 3 sources, online, local and 3rd party content providers.

  • Tab “Article Sources” becomes “Content Cache” if there is an available cached content Choose “None” in Google SE to disable Google content scraping
  • SCM will remove content containing words encoded in Junk Filter
  • Check your preferred source article directory


Custom Content

Insert your own titles, categories and paragraph content.

  • At Paragraph Content, you can give your own intros and footers
  • The “Add Content” button at the bottom, adds a custom paragraph of content
  • SCM will leave any “custom content” as it is. It will not try to insert links, filter content nor convert spintax
  • Setting content to “random” with a range will let SCM choose how many paragraphs to insert, and place them in random locations



Insert your own contextual links or custom tokens, or insert links as sentences.

  • Set anchor text variation like generic percentage, and generic anchor text
  • Input values in Insert Settings with options on how the links should be placed and how many times


  • Insert links by replacing random words and SCM will replace a keyword in the article keywords box
  • Links can also be inserted as sentences


You want to use both keyword targeted links and generic link anchors.

Generic link anchors are text such as "click here" "read more" etc

Generic link anchors should also include branding anchors such for your site name or brand.

Also use naked urls for links, such as or


SCM allows users to insert their images into the articles.

  • “Post Thumbnail” is “featured image” in WordPress. The user just needs to check the “Insert Post Thumbnail” in Image Frequency.
  • To use non-copyright images, choose “Creative Commons” as Image Source; or “Custom” if you want to scrape your own list of images.
  • Right click anywhere in the custom textbox to customize the layout


  • You can insert his own video code by choosing “Custom” in video settings
  • Put one unique embed code per line
  • Video search can be filtered when you provide “username” in video settings; and SCM will search videos of the specific username only
  • It is much better if you use videos from your own channel


Run the task immediately or schedule it by specifying the schedule in the Task Scheduler.

Scheduler uses CRON format to specify run intervals.

Running the article creator

Go back to the first tab “Article” to run the task

Click on "Add Task" to begin

While the task is running you can see how its doing in the application log

Click on “Inspect Articles” to preview the results

The document window allows to you further text operations such as Spinning, Translating to another language, Removing Duplicates and others