March 2022 Changelog

========= March 31 2022 =========

  • feat: Add extra logging for post uploader by displaying post category being used.
  • fix: Report correct error message if the site is down.
  • feat: You can set max qna search count inside writing assistant.
  • other: Google qna search depth has been removed from global settings and now uses the setting inside article creator qna.
  • feat: Can abort mid way through a long qna drill down with Google search

========= March 28 2022 =========

  • other: Delete article html wordpress category template as its function has been replaced by content insert ‘wordpress category’ tool.
  • fix: Article creator won’t create any articles if you are using Body template macro and paragraphs count is zero after scraping.
  • fix: Article creator won’t process content inserts if paragraphs of article is empty.

========= March 27 2022 =========

  • fix: Article creator will save execution cycles by not spinning scraped titles/subheadings if you set to use ‘custom’ only.

========= March 26 2022 =========

  • fix: Memory leak when running tasks which would lead to eventually crash/shutdown of SCM.
  • other: Raise max number of jobs that can be locked at once for processing to 50.
  • fix: Delete project folder when calling API

========= March 25 2022 =========

  • feat: Add posted category to generated CSV file from post uploader.
  • style: Made cron box bigger and easier to see.

========= March 21 2022 =========

  • feat: Article creator will remember which custom content it has used, so that all lines are used at least once in order.
  • feat: You can choose a negative number when setting post interval. This allows posts to be back dated.

========= March 19 2022 =========

  • feat: Dynamic scraper has translate and spinner options added.
  • feat: SCM will verify it has proper access to the scm db every 5 mins, if there is a problem it will restart and attempt to restore any missing data.
  • other: SCM will no longer check if db file is bigger than 500mb, instead it will auto compact every 15mins.
  • other: Update notification will now allow you to ignore or update..
  • other: Adding pre start up loading screen for scm.
  • fix: Long task names will wrap in log window header.

========= March 17 2022 =========

  • other: Constrain dynamic scraper preview window to 500px before showing a scroll bar instead.
  • feat: Add innertHTML to list of options when using dynamic scraper.
  • feat: Add wait time between requests for dynamic scraper (inside settings)

========= March 15 2022 =========

  • fix: %width% macro for images leaving % symbol in source code by mistake.
  • feat: Article creator images no longer use global ‘data url’ setting. This has been moved to inside the task. You can now choose 1) data url 2) local 3) hotlink as image src settings.
  • feat: You can select what sources to scrape inside image insert section of article creator.
  • feat: You can select what sources to scrape inside image insert section of article creator.

========= March 13 2022 =========

  • fix: Patch for Google search failing due to broken google pref page. SCM will not try to set language, instead using URL params.

========= March 11 2022 =========

  • fix: Google free translate breaking if html text is not decoded.

========= March 08 2022 =========

  • fix: Give a proper error message if using Libre without setting up a server url first.
  • fix: Image limits not being correctly applied on CC image sources in image scraper.
  • feat: Return highest resolution images when using pexels
  • fix: Image scraper was generating non unique ids throwing react errors.

========= March 07 2022 =========

  • fix: Paraphraser doesn’t crash if no content was passed in for re-writing.

========= March 03 2022 =========

  • fix: SCM showing ‘expired’ if you added ai generator to your account.
  • other: Add links to try gpt generator in writing assistant.

========= March 02 2022 =========

  • other: Article creator thread setting renamed to parallel task count
  • feat: Ai generator loaded with 3 preset generation types, review, ad copy and summarize.
  • feat: Better progress report messages for ai paraphraser
  • feat: Update ai generate balance in real time
  • feat: Can generate ai suggestions