December 2021 Changelog

========= December 31 2021 =========

  • fix: SCM api would crash with error 413 if you sent too many keywords.
  • fix: SCM not selecting soft spinner as default.

========= December 28 2021 =========

  • fix: Add translation to ai paraphraser tool.
  • fix: AI paraphraser not remembering translation in-out settings
  • feat: New tool, web crawler. Will crawl through a page and find links.
  • fix: Inf wait for dynamic scraper

========= December 24 2021 =========

  • feat: Enable paraphraser ai translation for all modules.
  • fix: AI paraphraser translator doesn't fail if source language is blank.
  • other: Leave example on how to escape regex in regex replace filters.
  • fix: Truncate long filename displays in the article preview window.
  • fix: Regex replace filter box not saving in static scraper.

========= December 23 2021 =========

  • other: Recover scm-next.db utility button added when the db corrupts and scm can't start.
  • fix: Wait for db backup before doing compact
  • feat: WP XML Generator can be saved as individual tasks.
  • fix: Remove new lines from titles, as it breaks cache formatting.
  • feat: Remove the 300 url limit when using the url scraper.

========= December 22 2021 =========

  • other: RSS scraper default article template loaded with %content%
  • feat: Dynamic and static scraper both use same filename macros. ie %url% or %title% so you get same filenames across both tasks.

========= December 21 2021 =========

  • feat: Youtube subscraper, select default subtitle that should be selected if option is available.

========= December 18 2021 =========

  • fix: Email poster not correctly setting task to completed when all emails were processed.
  • fix: Use secure toggle in app settings screen not saving changes.
  • other: Buy links when out of captchas etc
  • feat: Create a import-backup file anytime you import an SCM backup.
  • fix: If google search page doesn't load within 30s it will generate an error instead of waiting endlessly.

========= December 17 2021 =========

  • feat: Create db backup before compacting it on startup.
  • fix: Google search engine country check code will retry 3 times, each JS call will timeout after 30secs to avoid hung process.
  • feat: Spin questions and answers.

========= December 14 2021 =========

  • fix: Article creator unable to find article-url-filter.txt

========= December 13 2021 =========

  • fix: Unable to properly abort google/bing searches in retry loop.
  • fix: Reworked url scraper so it works just like all other tasks in SCM.
  • feat: Auto compact db on startup, warn if db file is over 500MB.

========= December 12 2021 =========

  • fix: Handle log file write errors.
  • other: Changed captcha logging messages.

========= December 11 2021 =========

  • feat: Warn if scm database is bigger than 500MB! Prompting you to compact and restart the app.
  • other: SCM will try to auto – compact your DB on every app update.
  • other: article creator urlJunkWords has been renamed to articleUrlFilterFile. Important for those using API or updating.
  • feat: URL filter for article creator has been upgraded to work exactly like content filter. It will display cache of found urls, including supporting selection of different keywords in your project via a drop down.
  • style: Change url scraper results font text to be more readable on dark themes.
  • fix: URL finder not hiding/showing correct run button.
  • fix: Settings tab showing duplicate settings.
  • other: Add 2 links to get api end points as example to default api page.
  • fix: project/data/:id/:keyword added as extra API path.

========= December 07 2021 =========

  • feat: Use ai paraphraser in any language, you can translate into and out to any language.

========= December 04 2021 =========

  • fix: Bing should return more results.
  • style: Selected task rows are more visible on dark theme
  • fix: Random user agents for bing
  • feat: Dynamic scraper will use random useragent
  • feat: BETA the dynamic scraper will clear cookies each time a url is loaded.

========= December 03 2021 =========

  • feat: Combine multiple files into one file using article preview tool > file > combine files

========= December 02 2021 =========

  • other: SCM downloads hosted on faster s3 buckets for better download speeds.

========= December 01 2021 =========

  • feat: At serbian as language selection.
  • feat: Print missing folder location when using insert content into existing articles modes.
  • fix: Article top/end custom inserts run after javascript inserts, that way you can add script tags that run at the very end.
  • fix: Don't fall back to BING if requesting abort.
  • fix: Bing/Google search not progressing.