How to scrape multiple youtube channels for videos

The article creator can be used to automatically add youtube videos into your articles.

You have 3 options on how to find videos.

  1. Keyword search
  2. Username search
  3. Channel ID search

You can use multiple channel IDs to increase the total number of videos the article creator can find and insert into your articles.

How to use Channel Id

Navigate to the video tab in the article creator.


Select channel radio option.

Click on the dropdown next to the channel label area.

In the drop down, you can insert the channel ID.

Where to find Channel IDs

You need to do a keyword search in youtube, set filter to channel.

channel search

Mouse over each listing.

If the URL has channel in it, the last part of the url is the channel ID.


channel id url

After channel word in the url, there is a bunch of numbers and words, that is the channel ID.

Adding multiple Ids

Once you have a list of Channel IDs you add each one on its own line to the popup text box in the article creator.

multiple channel id

When the article creator runs, it will go to each channel and use top 50 videos it finds.