How to use chatAI to re-write content

The chatAI has been an amazing tool for creating new and unique content. Nothing like this ever existed only 1 year ago.

Although it’s great for making NEW content, it also works very well for re-writing existing content.

If you want to make any scraped content unique, you can now pass it to the chatAI tool for rewriting.

You can find the chatAI listed in spinners as ‘AI Writer‘.

How to use chatAI to re-write content

You can use it to re-write and spin scraped content etc.

How to keep only original re-write content

By default, the AI Writer will keep the original content in the re-write spintax.

The following is a spin with original text.


If you want to only keep the unique re-write check the ‘remove original‘ checkbox.


Now only the new re-write is being used.

image 3

ChatAI credit usage

Because you need to pass the original text to the AI Writer, it will consume around 2x as much credits.

This is the only thing to keep a note of if you decide to use the AI Writer.

Limit chatAI Writer spinner usage

Its possible to limit credit usage by passing a max characters parameter.


I have set max characters to 1000.

That way even if I scrape and download 100,000s of characters I only use up to the character limit.

Any content after character limit is discarded.

How to customize chatAI Writer rewrite prompt.

How does the AI Writer know to ‘rewrite’ the given content and not use it as a prompt to write an article?

We use a very simple prompt.

You can find and edit it in the API login menu.


Under Spinner Logins > SCM AI Writer

You see the default prompt is a simple ‘rewrite’… command.

You can edit this to your liking. ie Give it a voice.

Example, you can tell the AI Writer to re-write content as it were a pirate!

image 7

When you run it, it produces the following silly re-write.


Limits to the chatAI Writer

The only limit to the AI Writer is that it doesn’t re-write very short content like headings etc very well.

It can confuse itself easily.

For this reason, it is only allowed to re-write sentences in the Article Creator.

In the article preview tool, it will ignore lines shorter than 100 characters.