Is automated content dead?

People mostly turn to the information superhighway, the Internet, to get any kind of information. The Internet has become a library, a magazine, newspaper, TV channel, movie, game site, and a lot more.

Everything needed is there from the rarely known information to the more common. While many have appreciated this era’s information convenience, some wonder where they come from.

The makers of content

Making the Internet an entirely fresh world of knowledge are the online community which has artists, businessmen and writers who are producing content tirelessly. Thanks to these relentless digital publishers, information is just a click away.

Information on the Web has something to do with how businessmen sell their products and services. Eventually, to ensure copyright protection and valuable information, search engines formulated their algorithms of how to reach out on content to display them in search results from a user’s query. Then jargons like traffic, SE rankings, SEO, keywords and a lot more, have become the by-lines in the online publishing world.

The need for more content

To gain more traffic for the website, people have to produce content which the search engines just love, regularly; the more content, the better.

Any company with online presence targets lots of content, especially organizations which need huge quantities of posts. Content costs money, so they go looking for ways to mass produce material.

For these companies, an automated content generator like SEO Content Machine, is a holy grail, helping them generate, for example, hundreds of sports recaps a second, with 500 to 1,000 words per content. The tool can potentially do the work of more than 10 people in a fraction of time, something that could give content writers a run for their money.

Automated content is threatened

On the other hand, the future of automated content generators is threatened, since these tools can be used in black hat SEO. The last algorithm updates of search engines had people gradually moving away, even with GSA SER verified lists.

According to the skeptics, not all people need automatically generated content. It could be argued that article creators can be used to generate content for a Private Blog Network. However, most people, who use PBNs, want good quality content, especially after Google had de-indexed PBNs last year. Only human writers can produce that kind of content, because they do not cut it to be just relatively readable.

The bottom line

While content creation is highly important, the output content should be valuable. It is one, if it delivers users’ needs and is satisfactory to them.

Whether automated or not, or whoever or whatever is used in its production, being valuable should be what content creation should go for. It is because for the human readers, that is what matters the most.

Meanwhile, the SEO Content Machine software is not only for automated content, but some other tools for manual content generation, such as, text snippet finder and spinner integration.

There is likewise “content manipulation,” where one can use his own hand written content, and insert links and images to speed up the content generation process. Try it here.

Image courtesy of SJ_SandersFlickr