November 2021 Changelog

========= November 30 2021 =========

  • fix: Allow search engines to continue loading forever, allow abort button to stop this processing.
  • feat: Add test bing button to settings.
  • fix: XML generate, create .xml instead of .txt file

========= November 29 2021 =========

  • fix: Bing window not closing.

========= November 28 2021 =========

  • feat: Insert lists, you now have option of inserting more than 1 list into an article. The old % to appear property has been removed, you only have range selection now.

========= November 27 2021 =========

  • fix: Add spacer to left hand menu so that small screens can scroll to see all items.
  • fix: Bing running 2 different versions of country/region selection page causing SCM article creator to fail.

========= November 26 2021 =========

  • feat: All content reg replace syntax has been upgraded to match=>replace from the older match|replace. Instead of [ | ] you now use [ => ]. This was added so that you can replace with {|} spintax.
  • fix: Bing updated their country selection page causing bing searches to fail in SCM
  • feat: Dynamic page scraper will use your enabled proxies when downloading content form sites.
  • fix: qna macro code used by templates was not correctly using the from-to settings to change item count.
  • style: 3 task label buttons too contrasty, turned them into basic labels.

========= November 25 2021 =========

  • other: Everyone can get free 50,000 characters (up from 25k) to use with paraphraser.
  • fix: Insert custom content directly after 1st paragraph
  • fix: Don’t insert a top video if a video going to youtube already exists.

========= November 24 2021 =========

  • fix: Unable to find czech stop words.
  • fix: Error with post/email uploader setting post category or tag as or
  • feat: Add some extra logging for people using JSON wp poster.

========= November 23 2021 =========

  • style: Add some space in between text input and column edge for the group name displays in task rows.
  • style: All create task buttons are placed on the left hand side instead of right hand side, that way you can navigate to new tool > create task, without having to mouse over to the other side of the screen.
  • style: Dynamic scraper shrunk horizontal width of all elements except for browser window to make it easier to scan.
  • style: Settings page reorganized to make it easier to scan
  • style: Image scraper menu button changed to default UI button
  • style: Headers are capitalized

========= November 22 2021 =========

  • style: Selection dropdown in default theme the dropdown icon wasn’t centered.
  • feat: Display currently selected theme in settings window.
  • style: Resize run or save buttons

========= November 21 2021 =========

  • style: Make icon and default buttons same size
  • feat: Convert icons to buttons in task log, add email task log button.
  • style: Row highlighting for default theme
  • style: Unable to see selected blogs in blog selection tables for posters

========= November 19 2021 =========

  • other: Don’t dump spinner text if there is error into task log.

========= November 17 2021 =========

  • fix: Default 0 values for ai paraphraser status section.
  • fix: Mac updater fix
  • style: In translator dropdown, split list into free and paid services.
  • style: In rewriter dropdown, list exactly which 2 spinners are free and which ones are paid.

========= November 16 2021 =========

  • feat: removed both .master and .combined file name monikers when generating content using article creator csv or all keywords in one file.
  • fix: Error inserting sentence links into word ai complex spins.
  • style: Fix background rendering labels invisible in writing assistant keyword selector.
  • style: Improve readability of on/off labels
  • fix: Made all macro labels appear exactly 5px under the text box they apply to.
  • style: Reduced size of wizard steps in article creator
  • style: Writing assistant keyword colors no visible on dark theme

========= November 15 2021 =========

  • style: Keep same left hand menu size when switching from default to dark themes
  • style: dark themes hover over table rows will shift text whiter instead of making them black.
  • fix: Temporarily disable screen capture

========= November 14 2021 =========

  • style: Slightly friendly log message colors for dark theme.
  • fix: Article creator won’t crash if Google returns 404 when searching for news items.
  • style: Resize task log window so its no longer clipping.
  • style: Fixed find replace article preview window not visible on dark themes.

========= November 13 2021 =========

  • fix: Possible fix for those unable to proceed with article creator google download due to it stopping at QnA find step.
  • fix: Xspinner not spinning non english results.
  • style: Selection 3 new darker style themes for SCM. darkly, solar or superhero. Select from settings menu.
  • fix: Incorrectly set project folder macro as default for xml generator.
  • feat: Select articles and generate WP XML file you can import directly into your WP blogs. No need to mess around with xml-rpc,json etc

========= November 11 2021 =========

  • fix: Link insert as sentence, would unspin all text before inserting the link. Now it will keep 1 level of spin and attempt to insert your link.
  • fix: Archive org reporting errors even though task completes. This error message will no longer show.
  • fix: ai paraphraser label was going to wrong payment form.
  • fix: Crash when article creator was trying to process download content.

========= November 10 2021 =========

  • other: Fix long startup up button added if you find it takes more than 10 secs to load into SCM when you run it.
  • fix: Dynamic scraper not able to correctly find elements due to incorrectly named javascript files.
  • other: Removed entities library as its no longer required by SCM.
  • other: Change html prettify library to save space.
  • fix: Temporarily disabled code obfuscation for js page redirect to save space in generated articles.
  • other: removed un needed sanitize html package to save space.
  • perf: Code refactoring

========= November 09 2021 =========

  • feat: Extended upgraded keyword extraction support to all languages, will make writing assistant produce better keyword topic suggestions.

========= November 08 2021 =========

  • feat: When using SCM API you can update project data by passing in only the properties you want to edit. SCM will correctly merge existing data with the new data you provided. You don’t have to pass in the entire data object anymore.
  • fix: Don’t error if unable to find additional links on page2 or page3 when using Google search.
  • fix: Don’t write articles with empty subtitles when using youtube sub scraper.
  • feat: Video scraper shown using youtube sub scraper tool will only show videos with subtitles.
  • fix: Some youtube videos not returning thumbnails.

========= November 07 2021 =========

  • fix: Extra logging for Google search failed in article creator.

========= November 05 2021 =========

  • feat: Add pixabay and pexels to image scraper CC source
  • feat: Show the length of the video in the title area of video scraper.

========= November 03 2021 =========

  • feat: Youtube subtitle downloader.
  • fix: SCM Paraphraser not returning content.

========= November 02 2021 =========

  • fix: Debug images not appearing in task logs.

========= November 01 2021 =========

  • fix: Base64 encode non english spinner requests to xspinner.