RSS Feed Downloader Tutorial

A great an easy way to find relevant content is to use RSS feeds.

Inside the video you will learn:

  • How to set RSS the feeds to download
  • Limit the number of item downloads
  • Select only the content you are interested in, using CSS tags
  • Remove unwanted HTML attributes
  • Control the output of the downloaded feed
  • Use regex to find and replace text
  • Convert HTML to plain text
  • Apply an article rewriter

The great thing with the RSS downloader tool is you have full control on what content to download and also how to write that content to your hard drive.


You can for example, download only content in P tags. (see image)

To keep the output HTML cleaner, you can also remove all class and ID attributes.

How about the output?

You have full control as well on where and how items are written.

output template

You can even leave an attribution link to the original article source.

There are a lot of other things you can do with the content.

How about a regex find and replace?

output formatting

You can also convert all HTML to plain text.

Finally, you can apply a re-writer to make the content even more unique.