Whats New

SCM Api is live

The SEO Content Machine Scm API is now live.

Please update to the newest version of SCM to get the API feature.

It is a freely available upgrade to all existing users.

What is an API?

An API allows you to connect to SCM and control it using simple web requests.

It returns data in JSON format.

Once the server is up and running you can test it by opening your browser and navigating to…


What can I do with it?

For a list of available commands please visit this page. http://seocontentmachine.com/api-docs

For now you can get a list of all article creator projects and then download the cached content.

Since the server is hosted locally, you can port forward and allow other programs to access SCM data via the internet.

Want more?

Lots of api requests are still going to be added.

If you have a feature request please jump onto the vote site and make your request known!