SCM Next- Early June Updates

  • Update to back end SCM captcha breaking service. Should solve faster and more reliably.
  • Added Google ‘global' region. This is now the default app setting.
  • Content cached disabled for now.
  • List inserts have a chance of being used.
  • Fixed a bug where anytime a modal popup box is shown, the 2nd time you use it none of the buttons work anymore.
  • You can toggle auto insert headings/list
  • Global %keyword% and %keyword-title% macros have been added. Anytime this appears in your articles it is replaced with the current article creator keyword. You can use these macros anywhere, eg inside templates, custom paragraphs, custom titles.
  • Added ranker x template.
  • Updated gsa ser template with some missing fields.
  • Added CRON scheduling to all article creator tasks.
  • Added ability to set the app zoom level. Will make all UI elements, fonts bigger or smaller.
new app settings zoom