Should I use a proxy/vpn when scraping Google?

It can be confusing reading about proxies/vpns/captchas etc when all you want to do is find and download some content.

SEO Content Machine supports all 3 things. For the beginner this can leave a lot of questions!

What services (Proxy, VPN, Captcha solving) do I need for SCM?

Tip: You don’t need proxies/vpn/captcha solving to start using Seo Content Machine.

Just installing SCM and running it will work without problems for the majority of users.

If you run into problems… then you should invest in proxies/vpn/captcha solving.

Firstly if you do get Google captcha requests/bans you will know because

a) No results when downloading Google results
b) The application log will display a warning about Google captchas.

If you do get Google bans, just signup for automatic captcha breaking.

You don’t need proxies/vpns at this stage. Just paying for some solves is a cheap first step that might be enough for your needs.

IF you are getting permanent bans even with captcha solving, then you MUST rotate your IP with either proxies or VPNs.

Proxies & VPNs alone are still prone to bans by Google so its not a full proof method.

Who can you recommend for proxies/vpn?

If you do need proxies, I would say any proxy provider that gives you private proxies are the best. (Just find the cheapest).

For VPN I recommend incloak.

SEO Content Machine has its own automatic captcha breaking service that you can buy credits for.

What types of proxy services is compatible with SCM?

We allow both http & socks proxies. Remember to set it up correctly at the options screen.


What proxy services is recommended for scraping SEs?

Unfortunately there are no best proxy services.

The reason is simple, Google are getting very good at banning proxies.

Even backconnect proxies get banned very quickly

Does it make sense use proxy software like ‘Proxy Multiply’?

Proxy multiply helps you to find and scrape public proxies.

All public proxies are most likely already Google banned, and very unreliable.

You must buy private proxies, (or semi if you are willing to test it) in order to have the best downloading experience.

How many proxies should I buy for trouble-free article scraping with SCM?

Not something that can be answered easily.

Instead you need to get captchas first, then keep scraping until you get a permanent Google ban.

Then buy 5 proxies (smallest amount) and keep going until you hit the next road block -> Buy more proxies.

Proxies will get banned by Google, which is why you need to rotate them and unblock them using captcha solving.

If “Proxies not recommended! Use a VPN instead”, what VPN should I use?

I now suggest you use captcha breaking, then get some cheap proxies instead of VPN.

What about captchas services? Can it be useful to buy special software to solve captcha puzzles?

For now, SCM only works with its own captcha breaking service.