SCM Next – Announcement

A new version of SCM is currently under development … it will be aptly called. SCM Next. This is a super early alpha screenshot. The final product will be nothing like this, but it has to start somewhere. The current content wizard and article creator screen will be merged. The goals are: Better inbuilt tutorials…

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Soft spinner via SCM API

The SCM api now allows calls to the soft spinner via API. See how to use it here The api also supports the custom thesaurus function in SCM. This means if you load a custom synonym database, it will use that over the API.  Good for custom foreign language spin operations. You can now run…

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SCM Api is live

The SEO Content Machine API is now live. Please update to the newest version of SCM to get the API feature. It is a freely available upgrade to all existing users. What is an API? An API allows you to connect to SCM and control it using simple web requests. It returns data in JSON…

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Ease of use improvements to SCM

New update rolling out today, a bunch of new additions to improve the functionality of SCM. Article downloader export using keyword folders When using the article downloader, it use to automatically group downloaded articles of the same keyword and save them in one folder. This is now optional behavior. The toggle for this setting is…

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Why SEO is finished and Search Content Marketing (SCM) is the future

Everyone knows about SEO. Everyone equates SEO to link building, lots of link building. But what is Search Content Marketing or SCM content? SCM is all about content. Content is a marketing tool and written for real users. SEO has always been about rankings and content was just a means to an end. Which is…

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SEO Content Machine accelerates link building efforts

SEO Content Machine

If you are struggling to keep up with your link building efforts, check on the SEO Content Machine. It helps you make the most of your link build programs, and can generate for you, keyword targeted articles for a limitless submission of content. The SEO Content Machine is an automatic article generator tool which can…

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The future of automated content

automated content

With content creation being much needed on the Internet, human writers get occupied in filling webpages with articles that conform to certain standards set by search engines. Since there are not enough human writers who can meet the demanding requirement of the Internet’s wide sphere, then came automated content generators, the machine equivalent of human…

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