Article creator FAQ – Common questions answered

How does the article creator work?

Lets take an example article creator job setting.

Article creator settings

  • 3-6 paragraphs
  • 10 variations
  • 50 min words
  • 200 article count

Does the article creator combine paragraphs from different source articles?

The article creator will randomly pick and choose a paragraph from its list of content (ie content cache).

The article creator works in steps

  1. Finds content
  2. Spins content (removes any content it doesn’t spin)
  3. Finds media (images/videos)
  4. Generates the articles

Will every article will have 3-6 paragraphs, of minimum 50 words each?

Yes, you are guaranteed that each paragraph has at least 50 words.

The article creator will even join 2 smaller paragraphs to make the 50 word limit.

What is a variation?

A simple way to make more content unique is to spin the paragraphs together.

That way each time a spun copy is taken, it will be different.

Variations greatly increase the number of copies of unique content that can be generated from one article.

The article creator uses the paragraph variation count to do this.

If you set 10 variations, it means each paragraph will actually be a block of spintax with 10 paragraphs.

Eg: {para1|para2|etc..|para10}

When is the content spun?

After all the content is downloaded, the article creator will use your article settings to find the optimal number of paragraphs to spin.

It will try to use just enough spin credits to complete the job.

Any unused content is discarded.

If you have unlimited spinning capacity, then set the article count to MAX.

How about if I don’t want to mix content?

Use the article downloader to get articles as a whole.

The article creator will always mix and jumble content it finds.

Tier 1? Tier 2 content…?

Tiers refer to the content quality.

The article creator is good for tier 2+ link building content.

If you want high quality content people will read, (eg tier 1, money site) you must handcraft the content.

You have 2 options.

  1. Use T1 content tool to find sentences that you pick and choose to make an article
  2. Use to find keywords/topics that guide you to write a new article.

There is no shortcut for high quality content.

It must be written (or at least pick & choose sentences that you re-write or spin).

There is a very noticeable difference between content that is 100% auto generated and content that has been hand crafted.