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Solving Google captcha requests

This is how SEO Content Machine scrapes Google search.

  1. If you enable proxies, it will connect using that and rotate through the proxy list a set number of times (default 25) before giving up.


2. As it scrapes Google, it will check for Google bans/captcha requests like the following.


3. If it detect this captcha it means that the IP has been blacklisted.

4. SCM will then try to solve this captcha for you automatically using the SCM Captcha service (Buy hereĀ http://seocontentmachine.com/members/signup/captcha)

5. If you have credits, it will solve the captcha and continue to Google search

6. If you have no credits you will get message “error: Google captcha detected”.

7. If you have proxies SCM will retry using a different proxy, if you don’t have proxies then the task will stop.

Do I need to buy captcha credits?

No. This is optional. However Google are really good at banning proxies, that is why we had to add captcha solving.

However its cheaper to buy less proxies (5-10) and just solve captchas.

How do I use captcha credits?

This is purely automatic, once you have credits SCM will use them. No setup required. If you don’t have them, SCM will show Google ban message.