Article creator – How to article variables

How do you pass extra information to the Article creator tool besides just the current keyword?

Why would you want this?

What article variables look like

Article variables are just extra bits of information added to the end of the main keyword.

Above… %KEY0% and %KEY1% are article variables.

They must be formatted correctly just like ENV variables.


If its wrong, you get an error message.

Why you might want article variables?

Example: insert a link using main keyword as text anchor.

Just use %keyword% macro to insert a link to using the current article keyword as anchor text.

Example 2: insert a link using main keyword AND use a custom url for each keyword.

You can’t enter url into the url box because for each keyword; we want a unique url not shared.

Article variables can be used.

%URL1% is the name of macro.

Macro can be used anywhere in text.

SCM will replace macro with a real value on run time.

Inside our link setting…

%URL1% is used instead of a real url.

When you run task, each link has unique url provided by %URL1% macro.

Red panda link gets unique red-panda url.