Smarter article creator template macro codes

The article creator uses templates to generate content.

You can edit these any time inside Template Editor.

macro codes

Macro codes are used to customize what and where content will be written.

There are some content inserts as well, eg image, video and people also ask

macro codes

In older versions, you had to also enable content inserts for SCM to correctly download data to fill out these macros.

This is no longer required.

SCM will correctly detect the macro code and run the scraping sections required to give you content.

You can edit inserts without enabling them

macro codes

Insert images is not enable, however you can open property page to customize the image sources for things like macro codes, image links etc

macro codes

Insert Images is more correctly “insert random images”

Now only values pertaining to random insert images appear when toggled.

macro codes

Now you can just load a template and go, without having to tell SCM directly you need content scraped for macros.

It all works seamlessly and smartly.