How upload a WP post with featured image

Using the original SCM WP poster, you can upload an article with an image however the post didn’t set the featured image.

The featured image ie the post thumbnail is the image that displays next to post listings in ost WP themes.

The only way to enable featured images was to use a myriad of plugins to try and coerce any post image to be set as the post thumbnail.

Now, plugins are no longer needed as SCM can set featured images for you.

There are some requirements…

1. Only images with data url

Each post with a featured image must have a image data url somewhere in the post html.

An image data url is an embedded image inside an <img> tag.

It looks like this:

<img src="...

The src of the image is a data:image and not a link.

2. Use ‘Assign featured images’ in the post uploader

The WP poster now has a setting to ‘Assign featured image’

You need to check this before SCM will assign featured images.

3. WP JSON API only

You must use JSON API posting (xml rpc not supported).

Make sure that ‘Use WordPress XML RPC first’ is set to 0 in settings.

How to create an article & post it with featured image

Create an article creator task and enable insert images.

Under image settings > Image insert type must be ‘Data url

If you don’t enable data url then featured images won’t work.

Run your task…

Create an Upload WP Post task

Enable assign featured images

Check featured image column to verify post is featured image ready!

SCM will use the first image it finds. If it can’t find anything it will be marked with a X.

If you didn’t enable the featured image posting, then a – is shown.

Run the post task and check the task log to see if there are any errors.

If succesful:

If error:

Post in site with featured image.

Check the media library to see featured image as well.