Whats New

Development Roadmapfor 2018

Sometimes I get emails to the effect of “Do you still update SCM?”, to which I reply.

Yes I still do! For proof checkout our changelog

So whats on the cards for SCM?

100% API coverage

I plan to make everything that can be done on the UI doable using just the SCM API. Most importantly this means you can create, update and save article creator tasks using just the API.

It means that with a little bit of scripting knowledge you will be able to automate SCM.

Most importantly it means I can do the following…

New UI

I plan to re-write the SCM UI from a desktop based c# windows app into something that uses nice HTML 5.

The benefits are obvious:

  1. UI will scale properly no matter what resolution you are using EG High DP support
  2. Will use UI model that everyone knows eg Web based Apps
  3. I can use web only scripts to create in app tutorial screens etc

Even better…

Possible OSX Support

Once I have decoupled the UI from the main SCM program, it maybe possible to have SCM running on OSX/Linux.

The frontend of the app will run through a desktop browser based app and the core heart of SCM will now be run like a server/daemon on your computer instead.