Whats New

Ease of use improvements to SCM

New update rolling out today, a bunch of new additions to improve the functionality of SCM.

Article downloader export using keyword folders

When using the article downloader, it use to automatically group downloaded articles of the same keyword and save them in one folder.

This is now optional behavior.

The toggle for this setting is in the settings tab.


Don’t forget also that the keyword field in the URL grid can be edited at any time, that way you can subtly change the final output folder if required.

Bulk article creator import naming options

The bulk article creator now allows you to choose if you want the taskname to be used when naming new tasks.

If you don’t know, the bulk article creator allows you to duplicate a parent article creator and multiply it using a list of keywords!

Bulk article creator

The bulk article creator is located on the top ribbon strip of the content tasks ribbon.

Before you use it, you need to create a default “parent” task that SCM will use for the base settings. Just select it before hitting the “Article Creator Bulk Keywords” button.

bulk article creator task name checkbox

The setting is available via a new checkbox.

Insert a CSV list of titles in T1C editor

Previously you could only use 1 keyword at a time to create a spun list of titles.

Now, you can insert a csv list to dramatically increase the number of titles auto generated at one time.

The insert titles is located in your T1C editor under the “Insert” ribbon tab.

T1C Insert tools

The new insert title input box accepts comma separated list of keywords.

csv titles box
T1C editor insert links

A small addition that will help users who write content using the T1C editor window.

Just select any bit of text, then you will be given ability to wrap it in a link tag.

Insert link

Click on the Insert > Link button and you will get an input box that allows you to type in a URL.

URL input box

Got an idea?

Believe or not but all the new features added was drawn directly from you! The users.

If you have an idea, goto http://vote.seocontentmachine.com and make your self heard.

The next update maybe with your requested feature completed.