February 2022 Changelog

========= February 25 2022 =========
* feat: Add extra logging when sending requests to dispara-tus-ingresos
* fix: Article creator, search & news, and paraphraser ai would get stuck.

========= February 24 2022 =========
* feat: WP Post, email and xml generator can have the start date set dynamically to the run date of the task.

========= February 21 2022 =========
* feat: Links have an insert paragraph start/end of article option.

========= February 20 2022 =========
* fix: Spinning then translating would leave undefined message inside wait popup when using article preview.

========= February 18 2022 =========
* fix: Fix some parsing errors with some RSS feeds.

========= February 17 2022 =========
* feat: Add img tag link format string as selectable option when inserting links.

========= February 16 2022 =========
* fix: Possible fix for dispara crashing.

========= February 15 2022 =========
* feat: Add tutorial link for xml generator.
* fix: Pre fill todays date when creating new wp xml generator
* feat: Add deepl free api access as additional translator selection.

========= February 14 2022 =========
* feat: Article creator has a new global macro, %keyword-slug%. Will turn your keywords into an url slug.

========= February 13 2022 =========
* feat: New log color when article creator is loading content from cache.
* fix: Restore custom categories box inside article creator as the code was being used inside some templates.

========= February 12 2022 =========
* fix: Restart button not working
* fix: Article creator links inserter will throw invalid spintax error if it encounters invalid block when trying to do a normal link insert.

========= February 11 2022 =========
* fix: Web crawler won't reset found links progress on restarting the task. If you want to clear output, you need to manually delete output file before running the task. Web crawler will just keep adding unique links to the output file.
* feat: Added new folder macro %project_content_folder% that saves output to a content folder, not the 'article' folder as it doesn't make sense for the web crawler output.

========= February 09 2022 =========
* other: You will get error message in article preview window if you load an empty folder with no files to display.
* fix: Static scraper not saving files to article folder, when using project_folder macro

========= February 07 2022 =========
* fix: Write out found links as the web crawler is working, also ignore connection timeout errors when accessing a site.