Try GPT3 for free in SCM Next

Click here for free beta credits

GPT3 (openai) has been added to SCM Next.

You can find it inside the writing assistant. It’s presented as a box under the export article button.


To use it.

First you need to select some example text to guide the generator…

image 1

It will have worked if the Prompt message appears…

Once selected, you will have choice of 3 types of generation types.

image 2

Click generate button to create an ai generated response.

Next to the button is an indication of cost, which is measured in credits.

image 3

The total credits available in your account is available in the top nav bar.

image 4

You can also click on this label to the purchase page to get free trial credits!

image 7

Once you hit generate, you can see the generated text below.

image 8

Clicking on the generated sentence will add it into your article.