Google maps scraper: Abort, resume & restarting

Almost all tasks in SCM can be resumed after an error or unexpected shut down.

You should see a play/restart button on tasks.


If you click the first ‘resume' button, it will continue off where SCM last stopped.

For Google maps data scraping, it keeps a track of what query has already been completed and continues to add new results to your output file.

Although the following examples are for the Google Maps Scraper, it holds true for most other tasks such as the Article Creator.

Resuming Tasks

Where its supported you can click on the resume button.

image 42

You can verify a task is resuming by reading the output of the task log.

Eg: Resuming an aborted Google maps scraper task.

image 35

It reports ‘4 items already completed'

And on the next line you can see it continuing off from query number 5 out of 10.

Restarting Tasks

If you need to clean out the old results and restart a task (maybe from editing the task keywords).

Just find and click the following restart button.

image 36
image 37
There are floating tooltips for task bar buttons in the lower right hand corner

Unlike resuming a task, you can restart a task.

Here is the task log.

image 38

The log reports that it is deleting the output of the previous run.

On the next line, you can see that its starting from the beginning at query 1 of 10.

Aborting Tasks

You can also stop most tasks while they are running by clicking on the abort button.

image 39

Once aborting it will update status to aborting.

image 40

It may take some time to abort as some tasks need to wait for windows to close etc.

Once its safe to do so, your task will error out with an ‘Abort'.

image 41

You can even chose to send a bug report if there was a reason for aborting early.