How to use the AI writer in the mass article creator

The AI writer can now be used in an automated fashion for the mass article creator.

The mass article creator is now capable of churning out very unique and readable content for your keywords!

Lets start with looking at the new UI for it.

Inside the mass article creator you have a new generation option.

AI writer

Click on AI Writer to enable it.

AI writer

How to use the AI writer?

First you tell the AI writer how many articles you need.

Working backwards, you then tell the AI writer how many sections each article should be.

Each section = heading and paragraph of content around 400 words.

I have chosen articles to have 2-3 sections,

AI writer

The estimated word count is 900-1350 words and 45,000 credits to be used to create 10 articles.

How do I customize the AI writer?

There are 2 things you can do, the first is to customize the output of the AI writer by settings its HTML tags.

AI writer

Under section strings you can set what the title tag is, what the h2 tag is and what the content tags are.

If you want to edit what prompts are given to the AI writer you can do this under the prompts section.

AI writer

For 1 article section, SCM will actually first of 4 prompts.

The first one is the heading of the section.

Followed by 3 prompts to fill out the section. You can edit these prompts as you see fit.

How to check the output of the AI writer

When the task is running you can see a detailed log about the AI writer process.

11/02/2023, 21:03:36AI writer complete, 8428 total usage, total words : 2905
11/02/2023, 21:03:36Article written, 3953 total usage, words : 1488
11/02/2023, 21:03:36Wrote section, usage: 400, words : 221
11/02/2023, 21:03:32Wrote section, usage: 648, words : 261
11/02/2023, 21:03:28Wrote section, usage: 137, words : 42
11/02/2023, 21:03:27Writing [How To Train Your Dog In 3 Easy Steps]
11/02/2023, 21:03:25Wrote section, usage: 439, words : 244
11/02/2023, 21:03:21Wrote section, usage: 810, words : 224
11/02/2023, 21:03:17Wrote section, usage: 235, words : 114
11/02/2023, 21:03:14Writing [Effective Dog Training Leash Method]
11/02/2023, 21:03:13Wrote section, usage: 455, words : 140
11/02/2023, 21:03:10Wrote section, usage: 508, words : 177
11/02/2023, 21:03:07Wrote section, usage: 202, words : 61
11/02/2023, 21:03:05Writing [How to Praise Your Dog in the Right Way]

Each article consists of sections and you can see how many words are being written in the log.

At the end of a run you get a total run down of how many credits was used and how many words written by the AI writer.

AI writer complete, 8428 total usage, total words : 2905

By using the mass article creator, you can get access to all the great content inserts as well!