How to use the AI Writer in the Mass Article Creator (complete guide)

By default, the mass article creator uses downloaded content to create articles.

Scraped content has a main downside; it requires a rewriter to make it unique.

With the advent of AI writers such as GPT3, ChatGPT etc we can use AI to write unique content and with most keywords also relevant content.

Where can I find the AI Writer?

ChatAI enabled tools are listed with an orange label.

AI Writer

Click Article Creator to open the Mass Article Creator.

Under generation types, you can find the AI Writer module.

Just turn off ‘Mix scraped content’ and enable ‘AI Writer’

AI Writer

Below is the AI Writer interface.

AI Writer

There are 3 main areas to this tool.

What does the AI Writer do?

SCM will ask the AI Writer to create articles via ‘AI Prompts’.

Each prompt consists of 2 parts:

  1. Heading prompt (ie the sub heading or title)
  2. Content prompt (ie the paragraph content)

AI Writer

The combination of heading + content = 1 article section.

How long is the article?

The length of the article is decided by how many sections we want in our article.

AI Writer

You can think of each section as a ‘sub heading’ and ‘paragraph’ of an article.

By default it will pick a number between 3-5 to create an article longer than 1000 words.

The less sections the shorter your article.

How do I customize the AI prompts?

Changing the type of content the AI creates is done by editing the prompts.

eg: If I want the AI to write a product description

A simple prompt below would do:

AI Writer

Notice %keyword%

These are macros and are used to dynamically change the content created based on the current article keyword.

The full list of usable macros are listed under the text box.

AI Writer

AI prompts can do a variety of things…

1. Make non-english content

image 7
AI Writer

2. Generate lists or ideas

image 9
image 10

How to build better prompts

To create headings + content that match, SCM introduces the %heading% macro.

You can see it in the default prompts, that it uses the heading as part of the prompt.

AI Writer

This instructs the AI to keep writing about content related to our headings!

So that the AI talks about more than just your article keyword, SCM has the %related-keyword% macro.

AI Writer

Related keywords are scraped automatically as long as you enable the content scraper.

This way the AI will always generate slightly different yet related content.

eg: Article keyword ‘green tea’, related keywords are:

AI Writer

Now when the AI prompts run, it will use one of those related keywords to increase content diversity.

How to customize HTML

The AI Writer creates only plain text content.

You can customize the HTML tags used to wrap the content.

Click on the ‘section strings’ to see what can be customized.

AI Writer

Set the article count

The last property is to define how many articles we want to create.

AI Writer

How many credits will it use?

There is a basic estimation provided at the bottom.

image 16

This is the MAX credits expected to be used.

On average it will use only about half of the credits indicated.

Total credits used depend on:

  1. Number of prompts used
  2. The prompt (eg write a paragraph vs write an article
  3. Number of sections
  4. Number of articles

Tip: Run a small test task to get a feel for how many credits are being used

SCM provides a lot of credits even on the lowest plan. You can generate thousands of words, so don’t be afraid of running out of credits while testing.