How to scrape 800 question keywords in 8 minutes

SCM is lacking a nice keyword generation tool.

The best keywords to rank are long tail keywords.

The best long tail keywords that lend themselves to creating content are ‘800 question keywords’.

Eg, keywords that are used in a question, “What is the best dog training method?” etc

SCM now ships with a Keyword Question scraper that scrape 800 question keywords.

question keywords

Find it in scrapers list.

Create a new task for simple UI.

question keywords

Just type in your main keyword first.

image 2

Hit run

image 3

SCM will stay on your task but you can see progress of task in bottom.

image 4

You can also exit to task list and let tool run.

question keywords

The keyword question tool will search the following sources.

  1. Google suggest
  2. Reddit
  3. Quora
  4. Google People Also Ask

The tool will run over these sources 3 times, aiming to get 100 question keywords every minute.

Why 3 times?

It uses the initial google suggest to find related question keywords and uses those back into the search.

Keep an eye on the task in the task log window.

question keywords

Once the task is finished, open it again to see the question keywords.

question keywords

How to ignore questions

The ignore keywords will remove keywords you don’t want.

question keywords

Keywords will be crossed out in red, you can use copy button to just copy the left over keywords.

If you want just phrases ending with ‘?’ you can do it with required question keywords.

question keywords

Keywords that don’t match are crossed out in red.

Once again ‘Copy’ button to grab remaining keywords.

The count will also update.

image 10

Copied keywords are placed in your clipboard!

question keywords