Jan 2023 Changelog

========= January 28 2023 =========
* fix: AI writer will correctly place generated content in correct section if you delete/add new sections while its still busy working.
* fix: Doubled the max content size that the AI writer can generate.

========= January 26 2023 =========
* fix: Soft spiffer errors in article creator will generate warning instead of error.
* feat: Article creator can do both 'generate' and 'insert into existing' modes at the same. You can switch both of them off to just generate a content cache too.
* style: Re-ordered ui elements on article creator settings tab into more logical ui groups.

========= January 25 2023 =========
* fix: More retries on translator before giving up

========= January 17 2023 =========
* other: Renamed Questions & Answers to more appropriate - Google People Also Ask
* fix: Unable to remove article creator image insert values for insert at paragraph location.

========= January 16 2023 =========
* feat: New macro %domain% added to filename string in static page scraper.

========= January 15 2023 =========
* fix: Don't spin questions only answers in QnA to preserve user search matching.
* fix: SCM leaving orphan processes
* fix: Template writer creating blank files if processing to fast.
* fix: Sped up CSV template merge processing time by not writing out log file for each file created.
* fix: WP JSON api poster not returning permalinks.

========= January 13 2023 =========
* fix: Small bug when trying to detect sentences in paragraphs when using ai paraphraser would lead to extra white space at the end.
* fix: Added 60s timeouts to all wp json api calls.
* fix: Google rolled out update to remove links per page setting. SCM will auto detect link counts.

========= January 11 2023 =========
* feat: Show large file warnings when loading files inside article preview window
* feat: Display the current file number and total file count in article preview window.

========= January 10 2023 =========
* feat: Batched ai paraphraser 2nd word spinner calls.
* fix: Add blank selection for optional word spinner in ai paraphraser.

========= January 06 2023 =========
* feat: You can apply a word spinner to output of the ai paraphraser.

========= January 05 2023 =========
* other: Template editor, if you open default templates the code can be selected but no longer editable (read only).

========= January 03 2023 =========
* fix: Exit early if you try to use ai paraphraser with more characters than you have available.
* fix: Updated spinrewriter api to use https