Scrape your own URL list for content in the AI Writer

The AI Writer allows you to find content using search engines via the keyword box.


This is a simple way of finding content.

However, the down side is that it can also include a lot of unwanted content.

Which will mean extra filtering later via the Filter Content button.

image 11

Another alternative is instead, to use your own list article urls with content you want to use as research.

The biggest benefit is you only find content that you know will be relevant to your keyword.

By going to the Article Urls box, I can paste in a list of URLs I want to download content from.

image 12

Now when the AI Writer runs, it will only use content from those urls I specified.

When its finished everything works as normal! You get keyword suggestions etc!

You can even combine both techniques to double the amount of content.

image 13

Then only keep the most relevant search results by using the top 10 results.

image 14

You can verify your results by checking the task log.

image 15

You can see my 2 article urls are being used to find content. How much content it finds is reported as well.

By using custom article urls I can grab content from my competitors and focus only on relevant text results for my writing.