How does resource page link building works?

Resource page link building is the most popular link building in SEO efforts today. You would think how popular it is? Well, one of the best SEO service company. Moz, which surveyed almost 500 SEO professionals, half of them said they they used resource page link building in their business sites, that made it the second most popular tactic of all time.

Here are the three reasons which made it even more popular

1. It works in every website.

2. It is scalable.

3. It is relatively easy to use in all pages.

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Resource page link building

What really it is?

Resource page links is where backlinks come from. These are high quality web pages that link out to useful relative websites.

How it works?

The value of a resource page can be identified by the quality content of the third party to which it links. You will reach out to the owner or blogger and offer such a quality content for them to know how great your content is. You also help them to improve the page in Google search.

Some of the owners and bloggers may find it very easy to include in their websites.Most creators of resource pages reach out to people through contact form or sending emails. In that way, people can see your content, click to it and response to you.

How to build links from resource pages

As you learn from this article, let me tell you that it is not just trying to create this page links, however, more importantly is that, it needs that your content have something worthy to share to gain backlinks.

Your homepage needs to have the most quality and great content because it is most likely to searched on search engines.

You can build links from resourse pages by doing these:

  1. Find relevant resource pages
  2. Vet the pages
  3. Reach out and suggest your resource