How to create an indepth article using multiple keywords

With the new ‘Article Type’ setting you can join content from mutliple keywords into one article.

With this technique you can finally create an article with multiple subheadings that match the content that follows it.

Here is a simple setup.

Enter each keyword in its own line


Each keyword should appear on its own line. This is important later as we will use it for sub headings.

Select ‘All keywords in one article’

This is the magic setting that will combine all your articles into one file later.

sshot 7 1

If you want sub headings to match your keywords exactly, select the new template ‘article html with keywords as title’

sshot 8

Now click ‘run’ button and let SCM do its thing.

You should see your articles created with the name ‘combined’ in it.

sshot 9

What SCM has done is combine the output from multiple keywords into one file.

If you look inside…

top article 1
sshot 11 1

Same article but with multiple sections, having headings and images that relate to each section.

Now you can create articles with lots of semantically related content inside one article, previously you were limited to only one primary keyword worth of content per article.