Jan 2021 Changelog

========= January 31 2021 =========
* fix: Correctly calculate the article word size when you select the 'all keywords' option.

========= January 30 2021 =========
* feat: 5 second auto login added.

========= January 28 2021 =========
* feat: Combine output form multiple keywords into one article.
* feat: article_keyword_title macro added to template.
* feat: Add stop to post uploader task list.
* fix: Highlight selected blogs in blue (post uploader).

========= January 27 2021 =========
* style: Article output type is styled as a radio selection now.
* fix: Possible fix for windows 32 bit installs.

========= January 26 2021 =========
* fix: Content insert mode wasn't writing files without spintax when instructed to do so.
* fix: 4x spin output.

========= January 25 2021 =========
* fix: Spinrewriter and word ai failures will not cause immediate exit of spinner code, instead it will retry another 3 times before giving up.
* fix: CC image search was returning webm video results by mistake.

========= January 23 2021 =========
* fix: Webscraper not returning url filename if url ends with a /
* fix: Post uploader will keep track of dates separately for each blog being posted to.

========= January 22 2021 =========
* fix: Infinite spinner rewrite bug causing files to write to hard drive.

========= January 21 2021 =========
* other: More verbose logging for post uploader.

========= January 20 2021 =========
* fix: Custom content paths would break if you copied a backup from another computer.
* fix: UI would freeze if you tried to start more than 150+ tasks at a time.

========= January 19 2021 =========
* fix: Spinner was removing {} symbols out of JSON code. It will correctly ignore it now.
* other: Removed 'locked' col from article creator task list to make room for task name.

========= January 18 2021 =========
* feat: API all-projects allows you to filter on the task data object. eg ?data.articleUseNews=true. To find all tasks that are using news inserts.

========= January 17 2021 =========
* fix: Web scraper element length filter correctly runs on the entire node, instead of on each line of a node html source.
* feat: Article creator image insert can use sub heading or title as alt tag.

========= January 16 2021 =========
* fix: Google scraper not finding link results.
* fix: Captcha solver failing with error Failed to parse cookie
* fix: Not loading google screenshot when there is error in task log.

========= January 15 2021 =========
* feat: Add abort button to web scraper task.
* fix: %url% only saves last part of url path if it can.
* other: Mark imported tasks with status 'imported' so they can be identified.
* fix: Correctly handle import/export of non article creator tasks.

========= January 14 2021 =========
* feat: WordPress poster, you can select <h2> tag as your title.

========= January 13 2021 =========
* fix: Insert subheadings won't automatically spin 3 variations per insert, instead it will use article variation setting.

========= January 12 2021 =========
* other: Bump internal electron version to v11
* other: Delay load of calendar popup in article creator to help with load speed.

========= January 08 2021 =========
* other: Point trial link to signup page instead of home page.
* fix: Don't insert sub headings and qna headings next to each other. Also remove any headings from appearing at the end of articles.
* fix: Insert news items would sometimes lead to corrupt spintax.
* fix: Cache wasn't loading news items properly.
* fix: Dynamically adjust total article downloader threads depending on max url results.
* feat: Article preview, edit > un spin menu item added to recover original unspun content.

========= January 06 2021 =========
* feat: New app setting. Change article creator sentence -> paragraph chunk size. Default is 2-7 sentences per paragraph.
* fix: Revert duplicate Scm next api call.

========= January 05 2021 =========
* fix: Will retry failed wordai calls with a wait of 60s.
* other: Remove blank lines that occur when filtering items in web scraper preview.
* Fix: SCM Api errors
* other: Small updates to API so that it supports all tasks. ie Duplicate task will now duplicate any task (not just article creator tasks). Some API urls have also been updated to fall in line with the '/project/' path.
* feat: New api command to 'run' task.

========= January 02 2021 =========
* style: Updated side bar menu icons.
* feat: CSV Mail merge tool added.

========= January 01 2021 =========
* other: remove loading screen when using article preview. Stops it from blinking UI on small changes.