How to make automatic generated blog content that is fine with Google Adsense

Many bloggers would love to learn about how to make automatic generated blog content that does not violate the rules of Google Adsense.

And who would not?

No one wants to put their blogging efforts down the drain that easy.


Auto content generation tools

You may have heard about auto content generation tools.

They are desktop programs, online tools or even WordPress plugins create blog posts automatically without any human intervention.

These programs generate blog posts by auto posting RSS feeds or using existing articles passed through a spinner to automatically re-write the content to make it unique.

An auto generated blog takes very little time to create, setup and get running.

Within an hour, you can setup a blog to automatically generate content and monetize that content to make you money automatically.

This sounds very interesting, but making money like this is generally not as easy as it first seems.

How blogs use automatic content

An easy money making method is to combine auto content generated blogs with adsense, or any in content ad network.

These so called adsense blogs, make money by collecting clicks on ads placed around blog post. The higher your click through rate the more money you make.

However, the team in Google does not allow Adsense on blogs that are deemed auto blogs. Any form of automatic content generation violates Google’s Adsense policies.

What is Google Adsense?

Do you want to make money blogging? Google Adsense is one of the easiest monetization methods available to bloggers.

It is a program where business buy ads, and publishers like you and me can display those ads on our sites.

Each time an ad is clicked we earn money.

The more traffic we have to our blog, the more likely it is someone will click on our ad and consequently the more likely we are to make money.

Google Adsense is the one of the biggest in content ad networks out there.

You have to apply to join Adsense, and typically they are very strict when it comes to approving you!

Google Adsense policies

While you may fantasize how much money an automatic generated blog can make for you. You need to be aware that Google removes auto-bloggers from their Adsense network quick smart and often times without any warning.

In fact, Google will most often times de-index your site from their search listings as well.

Google Adsense policies do allow sites with auto-generated or duplicate content onto their Adsense program. After all Google is all about “Great user experience”.

So, if you are thinking of how to use automatic generated blog content with Adsense here are some tips:

  1. The first blog you submit for Adsense approval must contain 100% human written content. No cheating here.
  2. You can use auto content tools to find content that you re-write manually to 100% uniqueness.
  3. You can use a good spinner to re-write ONLY sentences that do not appear unique. Spinning every sentence in an article will create “overly spun mess” that reads strangely and will not pass a manual Adsense review.
  4. You can use RSS posts in your Adsense blog, just add a link back to the original post, and only use sparingly.
  5. Avoid footprint. Don’t schedule a new post EVERY single day, at 12:00pm.
  6. Don’t use WordPress plugins, Google can scan your plugin folder (if you didn’t protect it properly) and find that auto content plugin you are using as evidence to ban you!
  7. Go slow, use re-spun content together strategically with hand written content. PLR articles exist for a reason. However, everyone uses them lazily and consequently gets their sites kicked off the Adsense program.
  8. Join other ad networks, eg infolinks etc. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. One day Google might remove you from Adsense (without warning) and suddenly your earnings for today and for the rest of eternity is $0.
  9. Consider other forms of monetization eg Affiliate links.


Photo courtesy of Morten OddvikFlickr