How to use post by email to send articles to Blogger

You can post articles to non WordPress blogs by sending them as emails.

For example, Blogger allows you to post an article by sending it in as an email.

A complete list of known “post by email” blogs is available here.

Post By Email

The post by email function can be found in the Blog Manager tab.


Clicking on the button will open the post by email window.

Clicking over the arrow button will show a drop down menu item for “Bulk Load” post by email blogs. This is an advanced feature that allows you to add multiple blogs at one time.

arrow 1

Post By Email Details

Before you can start sending emails you need 2 things:

  1. Email address of the blog that is receiving the post
  2. SMTP server that you can use to send emails

pbem details

Example setup using Blogger.

Lets use Blogger as an example, many other blogs will have similar setup steps.

  1. Login to your Blogger account and navigate to the “Email section” to get your “send to” email.
  2. Create your secret “posting using email” address in Blogger, then copy this value into the “TO” section of the SCM post by email window.
    The “FROM” address can be anything, as long as the domain matches the SMTP server domain below it.
    send to scm
  3. If you have your own SMTP server, you can use it here. Otherwise, you can use GMAIL SMTP or HOTMAIL SMTP accounts and use their SMTP servers.
    You need a SMTP server to send email on your behalf to your blog.
  4. Once you have all these things in place, you can use SCM to start auto posting articles to your blog.

How to test SMTP server settings

Sometimes SCM fails to send your post correctly to a blog, most likely the SMTP details are wrong.

A quick way to test it is to set the TO address to your own personal email.

If the sending works, you will get the article in your inbox. That way you can figure out if the SMTP server is setup wrong or the Blog setup is incorrect.

If you go to the main menu -> options -> email notifications


You can open a window that has a simple test button to help you quickly test SMTP settings before copying them back to the post by email window.

test email

If you have any errors with the “Test Send” it will display it to you in a message box.


Don’t forget to un-check “Enable task email notifications” later once you are finished if you don’t need it.