Whats New

June updates + Bug fixes

SEO Content Machine is always getting updated! Here is a quick run down of the newest patch.

If you have ideas, request a feature.

  • Insert intro option for the T1 content creator has been removed as it wasn’t returning very good results.
    Instead, the T1C supports language filtering and loads more suggested topics.
  • In the article downloader the “Paste from Clipboard” menu item has been improved. It will extract URLs from any text in the clipboard.
    pastefromclipThis means, if you copy any text content that has URLs in it, only the urls will be added into the grid, other content is ignored. Great if you want to scrape sitemap xmls etc
  • If you are using the post importer, only the first 25 files are loaded into the preview grid now. This stops an out of memory crash for those of you trying to import thousands of articles.
    articlepreviewThe import code has also been optimized so that importing thousands of posts into your blogs will no longer crash the program.
  • A simple UI fix for those using the Google suggest keyword downloader. It will display the current keyword permutation being downloaded.
  • If you are using the content mail merge tool (local seo writer)usetokens, you can customize the output filename by using [tokens].

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