New Article Creator workflow adjustment

The first tab on the mass article creator isn’t laid out in the most logical way.

Part of that is due to the continual addition of new features that were tacked on randomly.

This resulted in related settings not grouped properly.

Eg Which content source?

There are 3 ways to get content into the article creator on the first page.


Article Creator

Existing Articles

Article Creator

Article Forge

Article Creator

Unfortunately they don’t appear together.

It’s also not apparent that if you use the ‘insert content into existing’ feature that it will disable the scraped content generation either.

The solution is to group those items as so:

Article Creator

Now we know at a glance what our content sources are. Its Google and optionally Article Forge. There is also room below to add new content sources, such as the ai writer or chatGPT etc.

Now it’s much more obvious what outputs I can get.

  1. Generate from scraped
  2. Insert into existing

These 2 options are no longer exclusive of each other. You can run 1, both or even none.

If you run none all you do is create a content cache.

By default ‘Generate from scraped’ is treated as enabled. See image below.

Article Creator

The download result limit has also been shifted.

It now sits under the search engine settings.

There is also a clear indication on the UI if you are currently using Google or Bing search for the task.

Article Creator

Finally, the article template type is properly placed under the ‘generate articles’ section.

Article Creator

This setting is not applied to ‘content insert’ mode and it was slightly confusing in its original position under the keywords section.

Upgrade warnings

If you are using just the mass article creator generate from scraped, upgrading to this new version will have no impact.

If you are using ‘content insert mode’ you will now notice all tasks will automatically ALSO run the content generator.

To fix this, just turn off ‘content generator mode’. This was done to preserve backwards compatibility with older mass article creator tasks as the default was always generate article.

Because both generate and insert can run together, it assumes generate is always on unless told otherwise.