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Recent Major Changes To SEO Content Machine

There have been a bucket load of changes to SEO Content Machine lately.

In fact so many in can be hard to keep track of them all. However the forum is a very good start…. News & Changelogs

Important Changes

1) About Me Generator: SCM has its own about me generator. You can use it as an add-in or automatically as a new <<aboutme>> code in templates. You don’t need another program to generate all the content you need for submitters such as Senuke anymore.

2) Multi-Language Support (BETA): You can select which Google search country SCM uses. If you select Germany -> german content, France -> french content, Australia -> australian content etc. You now have content for languages other than english, all in one tool.

3) ContentRank & ContentFetch: These are 2 special SCM only algorithms that work together to scrape and find the most relevant content for your keywords.
ContentFetch is used to detect content on virtually any website (which is why SCM can scrape blogs, article directories, new sites, review sites, ecommerce sites).
ContentRank is used to filter and “rank” content so that only the most relevant bits of content are used to generate your articles.

The end result is a content generator that a) Avoids the dreaded “Not Enough Content” b) Finds content for really obscure keywords, including product keywords eg “Saitek X52”, really niche keywords eg “Dr Who” etc

4)  Auto Spinner Support From RSS Feeds: If you are using RSS feeds for autoblogs etc, you will be happy to know that SCM can automatically run all content through a spinner so you get super unique content for posting.

+ Many other small tweaks, fixes and enhancements.

Try out the new changes now