SEO Content Machine 3 – Under development

SEO Content Machine undergoes continual development. Most of all the new features you see come directly from user feedback and feature requests.

As a bit of a context exercise, lets examine SCM from its early days in BETA to the tool it is now and the tool it is going to become in version 3.

The History of SCM

The first release of SCM came as a free public beta launched quietly in August 2012. Boy has SCM changed a lot since then… Here is a screenshot of SCM in its early beta days


A different UI, different way of working and even a different name. “SEO Toolbox”. SCM started its life as a collection of SEO related article tools that I used frequently for Senuke. At that time there weren’t alot of content tools that could find and package content exactly how I wanted it.

SCM finally went gold in 2012 of November. For early adopters, some of you may remember this UI.

content wizard

Thats right! SCM was blue. Boy was it a simple tool as well. The ribbon UI was a new major face lift. The original manual content scraping boxes in the beta were entirely removed and replaced with the content wizard ribbon.

The content wizard was the shiny new tool. It worked well. However it was missing a lot of the “features” we now assume all content generators must have. Images and videos were still manually inserted. The content wizard had no more than a handful of options.

Finally in early 2013, a WordPress blog poster was finally added. Way before a lot of other content tools had it in.

Blog poster

Interestingly enough, notice the number of options in the content wizard ribbon tab. It has literally exploded with 2x as many options, boxes, drop downs and buttons. Truly a terrible moment in UI design.

Finally enough was enough, and the content wizard ribbon was demolished and replaced with a proper dialogue box. Along with that big change came SEO Content Machine version 2. Version 2 brought a host of other new features too, besides the content generator window.

content generator UI

Where To Now?

Without giving away too many secrets at once, the whispers on the grapevine are:

  1. Task scheduling. Set and forget content management. Take all those repetitive content management tasks and set them on autopilot.
  2. Improved UI making it easier to write and post articles and for your VAs to do the same
  3. Need to scale? Make managing content for 1 blog as easy as it is for 1,000 blogs

The good news is that development on SEO Content Machine 3 has already started!

The great news is that if you are a customer of SEO Content Machine now is a great time to get your feature requests in!

The best news of all is that the next step of SCM will truly evolve content management and make the “content machine” part of SCM more than just a name.