SCM Next Update Feb 2019

This is a progress log update for the next in coming version of SEO Content Machine


Current versions of SCM do support multi threading un officially.

However, if enabled .NET would crash (not SCM, but the framework).

In NEXT, it runs much more stable and it looks like multi threading is going to be properly supported.


Each task that runs reports progress to its own log area. No more having all logs dumped into one window.

We are still testing stability of the program on 1 thread, however its looking highly likely that you will be able to run article creator with as many threads as you need STABLE without crashing.

FYI The article creator is multi-threaded when downloading content for your keyword.

We are referring to the ability to run multiple article creators tasks simultaneously.

Rebuilt from the ground up

Because this is a re-write it means we can re-do the UI and remove older features that maybe aren't useful anymore.

keywords 1

One area is the keywords.

Having a textbox would lead users to pasting 100s of keywords.

At best, SCM would then tell you that only 15 keywords could be used.

At worst, some users were pasting in unrelated keywords, causing content to be mixed into the same article.

In NEXT, you can only 1 primary keyword and 1 secondary keyword.

If you want to process a list of keywords, load them via file.

Google Only

google only

We have removed all content sources and left in only Google.

There is no custom site scraper.

Additionally, you can choose to only use the top 10 results, instead of the top 100 results to get

  • Better more high quality content
  • Increase speed of the article creator

The deeper into the search results you go, the more spammy content is likely to be. Especially for niche long tail keywords.

The top 10 is a perfect balance to get lots of content quickly.

Using your own content using local files on your hard drive will be added later.

If you want to download content from a specific site, you can use “ keyword” as a keyword 🙂 YES! Search operators are supported properly.

OSX n Windows

You guys have been asking for it, and now its a reality. We have a working copy of SCM Next for Mac users!