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Spintax Converter Tool For Blog Submitters

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SEO Content Machine is adding more features like Spintax Converter Tool to allow you to manipulate your spun content.

Content generation is but a small part of what you need to do to build links. If you are a subscriber to ultra spun articles (which you should do), I have added a whole slew of new features to SCM that will allow you to work with those behemoth spun articles.

The most important new feature is the new spinner tools that will convert an ultra spun article into a spintax format correct articles for easy distribution with the most popular blog networks. The only missing is a direct “submit to blog network” button.

I won’t spoil what else is coming but yes there are even more features coming soon to SCM.

SCM will soon be not just the fastest content generator but a true all-in-one content machine.

For those who have subscribed early at discount prices, you can be happy to see that all these new additions come free automatically as part of your subscription. (If you are not a subscriber pick up a free trial on this site)

Important Enhancements

New: Some lines in the content generator were appearing without proper casing at the start of the sentence. This has been fixed. SEO Content Machine validates each paragraph and does a bit of simple grammar checking to clean up content it scrapes.

New: Error checking on Xpath in article sources. When you input an xpath SCM will validate it to make sure its correct. If there is an error it will display a small cross symbol next to the invalid xpath. You can mouse over this icon to see the error.
Xpath errors

Fix: Proxy settings validation. SCM will make sure you put in valid proxy settings. This also fixes a crash bug if you put in badly formed proxies.

New: I have added additional article sources.  To install these new sites YOU MUST uninstall SCM and re-install. Warning: You will lose any previous article sources.

SCM  comes with the following in built article directories:

  • ezinearticles.com
  • goarticles.com
  • buzzle.com
  • articlesbase.com
  • gather.com
  • articlesnatch.com
  • sooperarticles.com
  • articlecity.com
  • submityourarticle.com
  • amazines.com
  • articledashboard.com
  • articletrader.com
  • a1articles.com
  • articlesfactory.com
  • articlealley.com
  • ezinemark.com
  • selfgrowth.com
  • upublish.info
  • allbestarticles.com

Fix: Improvement to the content generation algorithm. SCM will rank content according to relevancy (just like a search engine) and use those in generating an article. Expect better and much more relevant content!

Fix: There have been improvements to the insert article links code. Happily bugs have been quashed too.

New: Ribbon tool bar has gotten lots of updates. Introducing BIGGER BUTTONS. This should make it easier to find and click on the ribbon items. Check out the screen shots.
Blog Manager

Content Tasks

New: The line start and line end boxes allow you to automatically wrap lines of content in whatever HTML code you require.

I know some sites only support <br /> or <p> tags at the end of sentences in their richtext editors. You can easily add those in SCM now.

New:  Last but not least I will be adding a “Whats new” link to the program so that you can read the change log on the site with one click.

Spintax Converter

Spintax converter for those that use blog network submission sites.

A good way to use SCM is to load in your favourite ultra spun article and put links into it and images, then convert it to a spintax friendlier format. All within SCM.

Spintax Converter

As you can see, SCM will convert spintax into the following blog network friendly code for:

  • ArticleRanks
  • SEO Link Vine
  • Free Traffic System
  • ezArticleLink

As some of these blog networks are no longer around, you can see the spintax conversion that is done in the drop down box.