Update warning for NEXT

Important. Upgrading to the newest version of NEXT will cause all your old Article Creator Tasks to be marked as draft and will not run until its re-saved.

You will need to click on each article creator task and verify the following settings: 

  1. Check the keywords
  2. Check the insert links
  3. Check all custom images/videos and content filters

Your old article creator values have been saved to the ‘old-job-data.txt’ file. Just hit the green folder button to find it in the data folder.


I have made some big changes to the way keyword, link and content insert content is being saved and used.
The major reason for this is change is for future proofing performance.
Storing large url, keyword and content insert content to the database causes it to grow too large & eventually slows down the operation of SCM.

There was also a very bad BUG that caused some data bloat problems causing the scm.db to grow exponentially.